Vapor Fuel Management System

Hello All

Due to the ridicules rise in gasoline prices, I have decided to release to the public my Vapor Fuel Management System for the benefit of all of you and our planet earth. I call it the ALF Vaporizer System.

Alan L Francoeur html book on his fuel vaporizer system

Alan L Francoeur or ALF
Aetheric Radiant Energy Research
Magnetic Energy Systems
B.C. Canada

Please contact Alan Francoeur for additional information not contained here.

They show the system installed in two of my past vehicles, and one with my vapor units on a table during the constrctuion process.
The inventor Alan L Francoeur wishes the reader to realize how serious he is in developing energy related technoligies for the betterment of man kind.

His next vapor carburetor system will be installed on a present 4x4 GMC Suburban truck. he will also upload these pics in the files to a couple of groups. This is the first time that these pictures have been published. Check out the updated pictures on the restoration of the Ed Gray Radiant Energy Impulse motors that I have spent a great deal of time restoring.

Any further pictures received from inventor will be added at this location also (webmaster)

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