Front view:3 kw free at 220 V D.C. "Testatik Machine"
If you observe at the left of the little can between 2 shoe magnet you can see a one
black tube, this one connect the "2 disk controrotating system" with the small D.C. motor
I think that is the "black object with index" visible in the "Rear View" in the neighbour imege.


A few particular:

Particular at the "top side"

Particular at the "upper left side" Particular of the pipe with wire Particular at the "upper right side"

Particular at the "left side" Center particular Particular at the "right side"
In above image you can see the flexible belt that
connecting 1st & 2nd disks together.
The white diskis a pulley of 1st disk.



Horse Shoe Magnet Horse Shoe Magnet DIMENTIONS
If you observe between the shoe magnet legs there are 4 transparent plexyglass (plexyglass because is possible observing the rear basament objet that is red), these are alternaded by alluminium and copper plate in this sequence: cpacpacpacpa.
During my observation at the all my photo that I can found in most other site that speak about Thestatik Machine, I can tell that the dimention of this 4 is: 70 x 70 x 10 mm



Rear view:3 kw free at 220 V D.C. "Testatik Machine"

Testatik machine
that powering a
1000W bulb lamp:

3 kw free at 220 V D.C. "Testatik Machine"


Small version:

300 watt single disk unit

The Swiss 300 watt single disk unit

There also seem to be a four inch single disk version that gave out 300 watts.

A medium
"Testatik Machine M/L converter"
that can producing 10kw of
at 220V in D.C. (under costruction):
Luzi Cathomen & 10kW Thestatik Machine



A big "Testatik Machine M/L converter"
that can producing 30kw of
at 220V in D.C.:

Luzi Cathomen & 30kW Testatik machine
This is Luzi Cathomen, a mechanician in the Methernitha Group


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