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Part 2

By J. Bruce McBurney

Table of Contents

1. The Process

2. The History of Super Carburetors

3. Research and Experimenting

4. Applications, Implications and Possibilities

5. Tom Ogles Articles

6. Pogue Carburetor

7. Other inventors

8. Book Reports, Titles and Info on Supercarburetors

9. Additional Information

Copyright (c) 1996 John Bruce McBurney

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be re produced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher. Concerning copyright I have inquired as to reprints and was told that as long as I do not claim their info is mine and give the author and publisher credit and reprint in quality reproduction it is okay. I have some written approval and am trying to get more. But do I let our world die for copy right infringement? Because of the photo copy information presented herein many have come to a total belief in this idea, and are now trying to help us all. I invoke the law of self preservation if in our society it is legal to kill another to protect your own life. Then it should be all right to copy info to ensure all ours survival.

It is my desire that all may truly understood the wonderful idea explained in this book and be blessed.

Only if this idea is understood by most will it make it to our market. The technology and information presented here is meant to inform you of the real situations around the mysteries presented into vapor carburetors. I believe that profit minded corporations have suppressed and sabotaged this idea, by spreading misinformation by marketing inventions that have not the requirements to work and putting additives in the fuel with the purpose of blocking the chemistry that caused all of these related inventions to work. It is my understandings that our only hope is mass marketing of this book and then the system can be fully developed for every engine, Only if we all use this system can we really help our environment.

To help achieve my goal this book retails at $19.95 with a money back guarantee, If you are not satisfied with what is presented herein, return it. I have the confidence that if you read this thoroughly you will understand and believe it is possible as many already have. I urge you that have the resources to do what you can to help us all soon.

Although the author has extensively researched all sources to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this book, we assume no responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or any inconsistency herein. Perfection is of God. If you are a open minded person who can accept others limited and imperfect communication, from a mechanic not a literary professor, then read on ! I do not recommend building a unit unless all proper safety precautions are taken in mind. You will understand it can be safe and simple if properly produced, but not in a backyard!

I find that I am not alone in being an inventor with a good idea sitting on a shelf. There are many good ideas that are not allowed to get out because others have more money and are in control of the market. If you help in this idea you will open the door for many more wonderful ideas that can help us all.

Dedication: This is dedicated to all the previous inventors with integrity, who have fought to make things better for all to preserve what they learned in a selfless manner, whose work has helped bring this technology to a better understanding.

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Copyright (c) 1994 John Bruce McBurney

email author of himac website J Bruce McBurney.

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