Sikes Wind mill/generator

patent # is d300932

The sikes turbine has many applications, such as wind power,hydro power "M{M" magnetic impulse motor using this design, I'm looking for someone to support the construction of all these technologies, starting with wind or hydro power, if you are a person intrested in protecting "our"environment and have the resources to back it up I want to talk to you about my patented design.

Contact The Inventor George Sikes

If there are others out there with an energy related design or invention I an happy to help you to promote your concept via my internet site if you can supply me with basic details and some photos in gif or jpeg format or some diagrams. a patent form number would also be helpful along with any other relevant details that may be helpful for others in the understanding of your > device especially if related to renewable, free, or alternative and non polluting.

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