The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project

The MEG Project
"..This one works beautifully and produces COP=5.0..." say Tom Bearden - ( COP=5 is equal to an efficiency of 500% )

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The TOTAL MEG INPUT at the DC input of the control board

The ACTUATOR COIL INPUT ( Primary coil )

Above : The MEG v2.1 OUTPUT ( Secundary coil )

On the Left : The Voltage, the Current and the Power INPUT ( measured at the DC input of the MEG control board )
On the Right : The Voltage, the Current and the Power OUTPUT


Note from Jean-Louis Naudin : The current has been measured with a 10 ohms ceramic and non inductive resistor ( with a Tektronix THS720P oscilloscope, the probe used is a 1/10 and scope setup for the CH2 is 1000mA/V ), the same resistor and the same method of measurement has been used for input and also the output.

Above :The MEG v2.1 Input at the DC power supply

The PowerLite™ C-Cores ( Honeywell ) are manufactured with the METGLAS amorphous alloy.

Technical datasheets :

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Some technical infos :

Fe-based Nanocrystalline Toroidal Core for Current Transformers :
Characteristics: Nanocrystalline alloy has similar features of high initial permeability and temperature stability, less gravity and packing factor than that of Permalloy. Under the same conditions of core size and performance, it is lighter ( about 1/3 lighter) and cheaper than that of Permalloy.

Nanocrystalline Magnetic Core :
Characteristics: High saturation magnetic induction (1.25T), high permeability, high inductance (ten times higher than that of ferrite), low loss, small volume, light in weight, high electric interference resistance, good frequency performance and high temperature stability.

For more infos about the Nanocrystalline material see :

Magnetic material suppliers :

Dear All,

The MEG Project is really fascinating and I fully understand your excitation...but...

Please, let me enough time to conduct all my tests and measurements carefully and quietly, these are online and realtime experiments that I am always glad to share with you...

All tests results published are really observed and measured by the instruments that I use, but this doesn't mean that all measurements are the reflect of the reality, there are always some possible artefacts. Otherwise some apparently non-coventional effects observed may have a conventional explanation, and all this must be checked again and again. So, this is why I must keep the cool head for conducting my current researches on this fascinating MEG project.

Thank you very much for all your congratulations and your encouragements that you have sent to me, sorry if I am not able to answer to all your multiple technical questions by emails.

Today, I have decided to slow down a bit the public realtime sharing of tests results about the MEG project for preserving the time for conducting my researches quietly. I have now created a small restricted area for sharing the real-time tests results and diagrams which must be checked experimentaly. This area is dedicated to experimenters only which will able to conduct realtime tests and measurements results about this device. Jnaudin has created an area is open to all experimenters which have the spirit and the respect of the scientific values and the will to share the knowledge with an open mind...

He shall keep you informed about the MEG project through the original JNaudin web site...

Best Regards
Jean-Louis Naudin ( November 18th, 2000 )

Email :

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