The Lifters Experiments
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on October 10th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update October 19th, 2001
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On June 2001, Transdimensional Technologies has presented the Lifter1 and Lifter2 devices. These devices are able to lift their own weight and they are a "modern version" of the Townsend Brown Electrokinetic Apparatus. The Lifters are using the Biefeld-Brown Effect to generate the main thrust to self levitate. A Basic Lifter cell is composed of three Townsend Brown asymmetrical capacitors joined so as to form a triangle assembly. Today, I have build the Lifter v3.0, it uses nine asymmetrical T.T. Brown capacitors joined ( called cells ) so as to form a triangle assembly and It is 2.4 time heavier than the Lifter2 and 7 time heavier than the Lifter1. The Lifter V4.0 is a bigger version of the Lifter v3.0 and uses 36 asymmetrical T.T. Brown capacitors joined ( called cells ) so as to form a hexagonal assembly and it is 2 time heavier than the Lifter v3.0.

Lifters builders and tests feed-back

Documents and references :

  • - The Transdimensional Technologies web site
    Some Lifter FAQ by Transdimensional Technologies
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    Two dimensional, assymmetrical capacitors modules under high potential for generating thrust - NASA Center: MSFC (Marshall Space Flight Center)

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  • Links :
    Electrokinetics brown by Paul E. Potter
    - The Thomas Townsend Brown dedicated web site
    The T-capacitor by Alexander V. Frolov
    Potential in Power Generation by Alexander V. Frolov
    - The EHD Flying Saucer v1.0 experiment by JL Naudin
    - Scientists Detect Clue to Material's Unusual Electrical Properties by the Brookhaven National Laboratory

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