The Transdimensional's Lifter1 Calculation
By Steve Burns
created on October 10th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update October 19th, 2001
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Sujet : [jlnlabs] Lifter Experiment and Theory Agreement 
Date : 10-18-01 14:53:56
De : Steve Burns
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Hi All,

I discovered Jeans Lifter yesterday. This is similar to his previous dome experiment where reversing polarity did not matter. This rules out ion acceleration. I have modeled the lifter using simple electrostatic theory and get excellent agreement with Jean's data using first order approximations.

For the simple triangle lifter, I calculate 34KV to hover and 40KV will upward accelerate the lifter at 4.75 meters/second^2 overcoming inertia. This is half of free fall acceleration and is consistent with the video observations. The model will allow scaling, plate size determination and permittivity selection.

Steve Burns

The Lifter's Thrust Calculator
based on the Steve Burns' spreadsheet by JL Naudin
last update 10-19-01
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Surrounding medium specifications

eo -permittivity of free space (coul/Vm) :
er – relative permittivity of medium (1.0 for air or vacuum) :
g - gravitational acceleration constant of Earth (m/s^2) :

Asymmetrical capacitor specifications

l - length of the plate ( mm ) :
h - height of the plate ( mm ) :
d - distance from wire to center of plate ( mm ):
wd - wire diameter ( mm ) :
w - weight of plate, wire and supports ( g ) :

Power supply specification

V - voltage between wire and plate ( V ) :

A1 - Surface area of wire :
A2 - Qurface area of plate :

F1 - Force from wire to plate :
F2 - Force from plate to wire :

FT - Total thrust :

A - Acceleration of Lifter craft :

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The Lifter1 experiment

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