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An Open Letter From Bruce McBurney

Dear Friends: By J. Bruce McBurney What do you do in life when you learn about an amazing idea that could help every person on this planet? This information confirms the findings in science and understanding of others that were thought to be frauds, not true inventors. You learn this amazing information and take it to the people that you think are responsible and caring -- in Media, Environmental organizations and Government, learning that they know already and are ignoring it because it is controlled by big money.

The information with this technology can change money flows by the billions, plus, clean up our world's environment. Estimates are that half the air pollution is caused by automobiles, but if you look at the combined usage of the internal combustion engine in farm, industry, construction, and electrical generators, it comes in at 75-85%.

This technology has been shelved and ignored to the destruction of humanity. With all the suppressed ideas that have ever been, this has caused the most damage and waste to our world. If we can now join together in a united front sharing this information with our brothers worldwide, it will be the catalyst to bring many other great ideas to light. This is the priority because our very survival depends on it. I pray that any who now read this will join and help in sharing this information in my book and web site.

Within this year I hope to be working closely with others such as Paul Pantone and the GEET organization, The MPG Club along with many others that have contacted me. Some have chosen to stay underground until it is opened to the public, for fear's sake. I can respect their choice but can not make it myself. I have been a connecting force that has helped many learn the truth about this and come together to achieve our goal. I know that with tenacity, success is only a matter of time. Several have already joined. I'm sure that many of you will also connect in some way. The time each one of you puts into sharing this information will shorten that time. I stand out now and expose what I know and will do all possible to get this information out. Please do something now to help our collective survival.

Basically in simplest terms I found that gasoline and water can be chemically broken down into there finest form of gas, thus increasing mileage drastically while cutting pollution, This is accomplished by applying heat in the presence of a catalyst such as steel, iron, nickel or aluminum. However the most important thing is understanding that the oil companies already know this and have been putting additives into their fuel that stop this chemical reaction from happening. Also these mega-corporations have sponsored many so called inventors who come out with misinformation to side track and discredit the real answer. keeping it suppressed.

What I found was that many devices have been patented claiming fantastic mileage through the use of a special carburetor. Most were a system that boiled the fuel in a sealed area before mixing it with the air. I found that by doing this boiling, or vaporizing, did not increase mileage significantly, but when you went beyond the boiling point in the presence of a metal catalyst, the fuel would break down chemically into a new fuel that had a much lower boiling point. This super hybrid fuel drastically increases mileage and cuts pollution. This actually changes the gasoline into a mixture of Natural gas and methanol. Now this made sense, because the original theory behind the vaporization idea is the fact that no fuel burns in a liquid state; it must be changed to vapor before burning. I found to keep the fuel in a vapor state was not easy, it always recondensed because it has a higher boiling point. The most of gasoline has a higher boiling point than that of water. Gasoline starts boiling at 130 o F at the low end and continues all the way up to 430o F.

The first thing you learn in refrigeration is that vapor changes back to liquid under pressure, so any boiled gasoline with the same high boiling point reverts to liquid under compression, firing exactly the same way as a regular Fuel Injected or carburetor engine. The fuel burns in a chain event from the initial explosion igniting at 130 o F. The heat of combustion does not fully expand but is absorbed into vaporizing the next boiling level of fuel so it can, in turn, burn. This incendiary reaction continues through the chain of molecules, still burning in the piston down stroke often continuing to burn in the exhaust system including the catalytic converter, producing heat energy, but not propulsion. When you crack the fuel into Natural gas it has a much lower boiling point so it does not reliquify and also the same boiling point so when it ignites, it ignites simultaneously, instantly exploding to completeness, not a chain burn. This creates propulsion energy not just wasted heat. When these systems were running right, the most prevalent comment was how cool they ran. Having a fuel with a singular lower boiling point creates dynamic energy, not thermal energy. We want to go down the road, not heat it up.

Each time an inventor would get a new system running, the fuel, being contaminated with additives, fouled up the catalyst area by coating the metal where the fuel was being boiled. This left the inventor and others wondering what happened to the great mileage of their initial runs where they had clean catalytic surfaces. In most patents the inventors do not even mention Thermal Catalytic Cracking, or comment on what additives did to their unit.

I am an electrical and automotive mechanic, repairing and rewinding electric motors for a living. I grew up around engines owning my first outboard motor at 13. Hearing stories about cars and inventors claiming a hundred miles to the gallon of gasoline inspired me to do extensive research and experimenting. This led me to this information that unlocks the mystery of these inventions. I ran my Dodge maxi-van, 360 c.i. at 70 MPG. The gas I was producing was analyzed at our local university proving methane was my generated fuel gas. My findings are in my book that explains this so completely that I offer a money back guarantee. You will be convinced.

My web page information links to other similar sites on the internet. As well as the 830 copies sold, with only 1 refund, I have sent my book to our media, environmentalists, and politicians. There has actually been a Lobbyist in Washington DC presenting politicians and bureaucrats with much of the same information for years. With the global warming, pro- environmental talk, one would think they would readily help any inventor who comes up with a device to help get better mileage, knowing any better mileage means less pollution. In fact there has been and are, many people right now working on some form or another of these ideas, and these inventors are being ripped off and jerked around by the people you would suppose should be most thankful and helpful.

So where do we go from here? High Mileage Carburetors March l998. Where it's going I do not know, it does not seem to be going anywhere fast, and seems as if it's still being suppressed. Any inventor who is working on it is being hassled, and some are people I can no longer contact. A few are speaking out, but basically this is not getting the help needed nor any attention from regular media.

Where do I turn, I am open to suggestions but the problem is most people make suggestions and "I've been there, and done that." I can not afford to do much more because I'm just surviving like everybody else, with this idea eating up any extra finances. At any rate, I know what is possible, and I want to reach out in partnership with each and every one of you that are reading this information. Hoping you understand that we desperately need to share, get it to events, and people all over the world, so that this technology can come to light. The idea that we can have clean air, a sound reliable transportation system and, an, environment left for our children. This is the best solution to curb global warming from carbon based pollution. So if you can think to do this, please help; become involved, make an effort, make a commitment. Just call me. I will work with anybody, anywhere, for the benefit of all people. This website has been a lighthouse for many suppressed ideas. Unfortunately, our so called investigative reporters have shied away or they have not had the courage to print this or just simply ignored all the information presented to them.

There is little true media out there and we need to contact them with this information. Now, if you have any love for your family, and home planet, get out and do something to share this now! I am not really a church going guy, I believe in GOD and his Son Jesus Christ, but that is faith, not knowledge. Yet this faith it is what keeps me going, like David standing up against the giant., Goliath I believe I will win. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. I hope my computer would be able to sling out the truth, to take down this giant of greed, that threatens us all.

Suppressing this has been a great injustice to the peoples all over the world because their ecosystems reacted faster and sooner than ours did. They are the ones who have had the droughts and the famines of the world, where for thousands of years it was lush gardens. Also, all the crazy weather going on is a direct result of elevated pollution levels that are not necessary. El Nino is caused by pollution. We are not an oil based, or even an automotive based economy, we are a transportation based economy. An economy that with high efficiency engines emitting no pollution plus engines running almost forever it would boost all the other economies. Sure the oil companies and the car manufacturers would not be so busy, they would not have such a vast monopoly with such great profits all absorbed into one small sector.

The world would be a different place, but it will only be a better place if each one of you reading this, is not leaving it to others. Become involved. Each one stands up and says "This is my air, I care, and will help us all by sharing this information." Start by just getting on the phone in your area, letting your friends, relatives, the media and politicians know. Tell them to tell others and let them see and understand how fantastically different our world would and could be if this technology finally surfaced.

I know that there are many other great inventions that are suppressed from the standpoint they are too unbelievable, so advanced, that they will not be readily accepted. If you who are working on these technologies, see these stumbling blocks put before you by our "bueracrazys," help this idea surface, then it will become the building block that starts the wall of suppression coming down. It is now acceptable, and understandable, and desperately needed now for our collective survival If many of us stand together, we will win.

I feel really great about the people who have either E mailed, faxed , or phoned telling me what they have done or what they are telling others, who are working on similar systems. After hearing from these concerned individuals, it is hard to understand all the other people who say they care, like the politicians, media people and environmentalists. They also have seen this technology and yet have chosen to ignore it. Have they just given up or been bought off by the money people, or have we been taken over by carbon based plant creatures like in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers "that want pollution and high Carbon dioxide levels. Sounds ridiculous Eh? But what sane human being would want to see his home planet and families die solely for the sake of filthy profits? When the benefits and righteous profits would be a blessing for all? One fellow said to me "Going against the oil companies and car companies is like going into the ring with a heavyweight championship boxer." He probably is right, but like I replied to him, "Would you go up against him if he was choking your child and was going to continue until you did something about it?. Would you step into the ring for your kids?"

Understand it is for all the kids and us kids. Now that is a fight worth getting into. We will win too, if enough are involved. Because I believe the only way to get this idea out is by sharing the truths about it, hoping that people come to enough understanding of what is possible and why it works this way then possibly there can no longer be suppression. This is what I worked for and hope you will too by taking this and sharing it with others as I have shared it with you. I do sell my book to help finance this but will split 50-50 with any who want to further publish and promote book sales. This I have set up to help others help themselves.

I also give this information and more links and additional information free on the internet. Please believe me when I tell you I am not in it for the money, If I could I would just give everyone a copy of my book. I do that through the internet hoping to find someone that could help to get this discovery to full production. I have no patent, nothing to gain but clean air. Any profit from my book sales will go back into further publishing until it reaches our free?? market. I will just keep on going linking up with others to help in this fight. Together we will win! For books and information to help contact:

Bruce McBurney
HIMAC Research and Publishing
6665 McLeod Road,
Niagara Falls Ont.
L2G 3G3
Ph 905- 358-8541
Fax 905 358-9439

J. Bruce McBurney

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