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The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor/Generator

Theory of Operation:

One magnet of the rotor is pulled to the ferrite cores of the attraction coils. The circuit is open. This makes the other rotor magnet move between the ferrite cores of the repulsion coils. This circuit is closed, shorted at all times, and has a diode element. The current generated in the repulsion coils due to this action causes a repulsion magnetic field in the coils, but the other magnet being pulled to the cores of the attraction coils makes the forces equal but opposite (Magnetic Equilibrium).

When the rotor magnets become aligned with the cores the open circuit of the system is closed by the timing device. The shorted circuit with the diode is integrated into this circuit but the diode prevents the voltage/current from bypassing the repulsion coils. The forces are equal but opposite and the rotor is now free to rotate away from the ferrite cores. The overunity energy comes from the collapse of the repulsion coils magnetic field when the circuit is opened again. This magnetic field was produced by the mechanical work of the attraction magnet and the main circuit did not have to build this field against the cemf element. This energy and the remaining pulse is returned to the power supply with the collapse of the other coil's magnetic fields. The circuit for returning this power will be posted as soon as the principle is proven and recorded on a scope and other instruments.

The rotor turns at all times against only bearing and aerodynamic drag. This is over come by a small drive motor when ran in the generator mode. The device will not need this drive motor when ran in the motor configuration.

If you have any questions about the operation, fabrication, parts, or testing, you can contact me as shown below.

Butch LaFonte

Phone 1-205-699-5364 USA CST

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