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"The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor Project"

Initial Test Results:

I measured mA current on the two attraction coils at low rpm and got 150mA reading. I measured mA current on the two repulsion coils at low rpm and got 150mA reading also. I then measured mA reading thru all four coils wired as shown on web site and the mA scale would not even read! The voltage of the repulsion magnets canceled the voltage of the attraction magnets out.

In testing the prototype I have come across a very interesting sequence of events if used in the proper way will yield overunity in an electrical generation mode. This is what I found:

1. As one of the two rotor magnets is attracted to the attraction coils (circuit OPEN) that have a ferrite core, mechanical work is available for a very interesting sequence of events.

2. If the repulsion coils have a ferrite core and the opposite rotor magnet is pulled around to them at the same time buy Step # 1, and the circuit of the repulsion coils is CLOSED during this sequence but no power supply is connected, then the approaching magnet will induce a voltage/current into the coils that will cause a repulsion of the approaching magnet. THIS IS OK TO HAPPEN, the magnet being pulled to the attraction coil's ferrite core will have equal force to counteract this repulsion.

3. Now as the rotor magnets line up with the cores of the coils, a magnetic field exists around the repulsion coils and thru the core. If you now close the series circuit shown on web site, the repulsion core and coil are already in repulsion mode and have a magnetic field and voltage/current and energy is not needed to get it that way by the series circuit. It can now become part of the Magnetic Equilibrium Motor as shown on web site.

4. As both rotor magnets are free to now rotate away from the coils, when they are at 90 degrees or so from the coils the magnetic field of both the attraction and repulsion coils is available for returning energy to the power source (battery). BUT REMEMBER, the power source only had to supply a magnetic field to the attraction coils. The collapsing magnetic field of the repulsion coils is overunity generation. The only power needed to drive the Motor/generator is power to overcome bearing friction. Aerodynamic drag is low due to rotor being a disk. There is wire resistance loss but not enough to keep the unit from being overunity.

5. I have tested each one of these steps separately and now will build a circuit to prove the concept.

Butch LaFonte


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Input from the Group:

Willard Elliott made the suggestion to test the circuit in a shorted configuration to see if no external power was needed to power the device even though the external power would be recovered in the present design. I will test this idea. It may work and make the device even more simple.

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