The Konzen Pulse Motor Part 4

Here are four more photos detailing some of the construction:

Electric bearing detail:

The newest chassis/rotor:

Another photo of chassis/rotor:

A photo of a motor coil, a permanent magnet flux bridge, and one of the pickup coil clusters mounted on the motor:

Top view with rotors and stator motor-coils in free-rotating position:

Top view with rotors and stator motor-coils in energized (power) position:

Another view...clusters of pickup/splatter coils collect magnetic energy vectoring away from the colliding (and rotating!) flux lines of the "motor" coils:

View of motor without "pickup/splatter" coils installed:

Another view with NO pickup/splatter coils:


These photos show how a "motor" (NOT pickup/splatter!)coil is constructed using steel elevator or stove bolts with their heads ground flat, and ferrite tubes from common RF protectors slipped over these steel bolts. The coil windings are 40ft of .022 magnetic wire, with all windings wrapped around in the same direction, then the wire pulled back straight after end of the row, insulate this wire length pulled back straight with a piece of electrical tape or heat shrink material to protect the windings from chaffing, and then wound right over all this again, and again in the same direction for the next layer of windings, pull back, insulate, wind again, and so on like this...

Below is shot of the construction of the motor-cores; with the steel elevator bolt exposed. This steel bolt fits inside ferrite tube also to create the steel/ferrite cores of the electromagnet. These electromagnets work really great, and will lift 3lbs. Make two of these "push" against each other and you will have the simple and unique power dynamics of this motor.

Here is a photo of the windings exposed:

Here is a photo of two ferrite tube slipped over a steel bolt - the basic electromagnetic core of the motor coils:

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