Ion Power Generation

Ionic Electrical Generator

Here we have a new idea to generate electricity The forms we now have are Hydro electricity is clean but the water storage dams needed eventually silt up and beside they usually destroy our wilderness that are needed by our city residents to unwind.

Nuclear Power has been with us for some time but has proved to have dangerous results and the waste storage is still a problem waiting to be solved. Solar and wind generators are not a twenty hour four proposition with out the costly storage devices.

Coal based generators are only adding to our Green house gas problems. The idea here is generate electricity by means of the air pressure that surrounds all of us.

The method has none of the problems associated with those methods described above and is renewable as well. Every one of us is familiar with the concept of the chimney. In this design Air is drawn from below into the chimney and up to the top where it is decomposed by

Ionizing rays and then re absorbed into the atmosphere. Where air has been Ionized it creates a vaccum and draws more air into it. from below. This causes an air flow that could be utilized to turn a electrical turbine.

In a design say with a dome of twenty metres surrounded with ionizing equipment on top and a air tube of 4 metres diameter through the centre , a turbine inserted in the middle would be subject to forces in excess of 120 tons

To put things into perspective that is say equal to 1 square meter of water falling from height of over 120 metres. Of course the whole generator would have to be constructed in such a way than the Ionic rays would not present a health hazard to those nearby, although this should not be much of a challenge.

The atmospheric ionization on one side gives rise to enormous pressure on the other. The electrical power is extracted by air turbines when these two pressure areas try to normalize. This is a imaginative idea that needs to be looked at seriously. Thanks to identity known only as the captain for this idea wherever you are