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  • HIMAC is a research-based company situated in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Headed by J. Bruce McBurney, HIMAC has established a mandate to raise public awareness on an important scientific finding that has been suppressed by hypocritical governments and greedy automobile manufacturers: the discovery of a super-high mileage carburetor system.
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    J. Bruce McBurney
    Welcome to the HIMAC web site. We are hear to help get the truth out about the super fuel carburetor technology. Because this is the answer to our air pollution problem and it has been suppressed by corporations and individuals that profit from it not being around. They use finical suppression these days They used fear and intimidation not against the inventors but against any would be investor Over the past couple of years I have come to understand how much is against this idea surfacing.

    With all the many inventors that I have come in contact with and with all the new information that proves this is real and our best answer to many problems it is still being suppressed. It leave me exhausted and depressed, I know that unless a major miracle occurs this will continue to be misunderstood and not ever get to our market. There are many good men with much similar ideas and none are getting the help needed to take this where it needs to go. They are getting jerked around financially

    This invention that is so critical to our survival can be related to many of the other problems that plague mankind. For example global warming due to carbon dioxide, If our engines were 5 times efficiency the pollution would not be 1/5 but 1/20 the amount because when you have complete combustion using all the fuel to gain all dynamic energy it burns the fuels that are normally unburned and bad pollution. Also in proper system no Nitrous Oxides are formed as it runs cool. Global warming is also the effect causing extreme weather from rains causing flooding to ice storms and stronger hurricanes and more frequent tornadoes. It caused EL Nino. They blamed it all on El Nino.

    Another problem people do not understand is that if out carbon dioxide is up then oxygen level is down. Low oxygen levels lead to stress on our hearts and lungs Did you know that heart attacks escalate with pollution levels and in the early 1900's were very rare. Some say it is our food but what is the first thing a heart attack victim receives is Oxygen. Another is asthma and bronchitis that have greater incidence in the higher pollution areas. Are they not related to the unburned fuels and other pollutants from our engines, If allergen's like hay fever and alike are caused by plant spores only then why is the higher incidence in urban areas that have far less vegetation than country settings where people are less afflicted

    If our Governments are not telling us about this then what about many other things, I have had many people tell me about a cure for cancer that is suppressed and from many different areas all speaking the same general idea of resonant frequency done in many different configurations with very positive results. As far as cancer goes did you know that they additives they put in the fuels that stop these Supercarburetors are extremely carcinogenic.

    One thing is the positive medicinal and nutritional properties of Marijuana and all the industrial applications that have been suppressed with it. Papers, ropes and clothing from fibers and the seed in very nutritious and not going to get anyone high. It used to feed the poor before our days of mechanization because so much was grown for fiber the seed was cheap. "Gruel" was what it was called. Check out the search on that information it will amaze you how much is out there.

    Another interesting idea is called "Free Energy", a system that that taps molecular motion forces that appear to be obtaining energy from no where. There are many individuals working on these ideas and some have demonstrable units but are not getting the serious money to take it further. Just being laughed at as crazy because you can not get energy from the air or no where in their minds. Check out the many site on free energy.

    But how can some of these so complex ideas ever get out if this carburetor has been suppressed so long. If we all now get this out then the rest will follow. Please take the time to look at this information and then help share it world wide.

    Please take the time to read through or order my book and read it before you contact me with questions that are answered with in. I am a full time employed father of 3 with not enough hours in the day. I am open to consult with preferably by phone in evenings until 10. pm I will answer any thing and am not worried someone stealing the idea, I just want it out and clean air and will continue to spread this information until I get the help it needs. Your help for your air is needed. If you have comments you would like posted just E mail them to me with your return and request if you wish to remain anonymous or come out in you area to work with others. Furthermore, any inventor that wants may post their information at this site.

    email author of himac website J Bruce McBurney.

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