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John Searl and David Hamel

Both John Searl and David Hamel use permanent magnets that have been encased by a metal jacket or similar metallic enclosure.  Through very different and unique techniques, both technologies create time varying magnetic fields by either an arrangement of magnetic attraction or repulsion.  Eddy currents will form in metals that are near or surround the magnets in such a setup and this can cause electrostatic charges to form.  Electrostatic capacitive effects can occur between moving and non-moving parts (metallic and non-metallic).  Both technologies then move these static charges in unique ways:  


The Levity Disc uses a nested arrangement of concentric rings (plates) and runners (encased magnets) to create very high electrostatic potentials with self-rotation being achieved at a certain threshold.  


Hamel's UFO motor uses a flow of air that moves between and around specially designed "turbine capacitor plates" that will charge up in a similar manner as Searl's device.  This flow of air will eventually become a circulating plasma. During a recent telephone conversation with Mr. Hamel, Mr. Hamel admitted that the aluminum tubes used, with the permanent magnets inside, is what creates different electrostatic potentials on the two oscillating UFO wings!









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