The Four Forces/Principles of Gravity

The following is an extract of a post put forward to a zeropoint physics discussion group at various times of the year. The page outlined below gives brief insights into a new paradigm of thought that is beginning to be excepted by various avenues of experimenters and researchers alike. The topic starts with some simple home done experiments that question the validity of the current held belief of gravity, an end with a discussions of new a paradigm for the gravity of celestial bodies in space.

1. Gravity by Density Principle

Obtain a plastic soft-drink (soda-pop) bottle an fill it with warm water. Place some plastic beads or the alike so that they just float on the surface of the water inside the bottle. (I used a child's plastic Lego building block, instead of beads.) Place the lid on the bottle and squeeze the bottle hard with both hands.


Observe what happens to the beads as the pressure increases which makes the density of the beads/air/water increase Now gravity is suppose to be constant, right? But why do the beads sink to the bottom when pressure and density increases? You have in effect proved the existence of gravity through density/pressure. (NB. The earth is under constant near uniform pressure.)

2. Gravity by atmospheric pressure

Obtain a cup/glass of any size an fill it 2/3 with water Place a plastic bag over the rim of the cup/glass and seal it with a rubber band. Push the plastic bag down into the water and then gently turn the whole apparatus upside down.


You will see a concave hole form in the centre of the plastic bag. Contrary to all expectations the water will not fall from the glass, but instead atmospheric pressure will push the plastic bag up into the water forming a tight dome inside the glass. How can this be? Gravity is suppose to be a constant force. Why has the water stopped conforming to so called gravitational force?

3. Proof of Atmospheric Pressure.

Obtain a small 4.5ltr (1 Gallon) tin container. Remove the lid of the tin. Place the empty tin in a fire for a few minutes. Being cautious, remove the tin from the fire and quickly replace the lid as tight as you can get it. Now rapidly cool the tin with water.


What happened to the tin? Why was it crushed flat? You in effect have proved that there is indeed atmospheric pressure. To be correct the pressure used to crush the tin flat is shown below in the formula:

F = A * N F = Force from the atmosphere in kg/cm2 A = Total volume/Area of the tin in cm2 N = 1.033 kg/cm2 (Natural Atmospheric pressure at sea level.)

Gravity by temperature/vertical magnetism of the earth

4. Why does heavy than air cigar smoke rise up against the lighter air molecules?

Temperate reduces the magnet attraction/repulsion. Heating a magnet will remove its magnet field. Because the 4th force of gravity is a vertical component of magnetism, the cigar smoke is very hot which lessens the magnetic attraction to the vertical magnetism of the earth. This will allow it to seek a lesser density above the air molecules, but on cooling will force it to return to seek the more dense medium below the air.

The vertical component of magnetism forces objects to seek the dense material towards the centre of the earth. If you where to apply equal pressure to an object on all sides, you would need another force like the 4th force of the earths vertical component of magnetism to make it seek a set direction. It just so happens that this 4th force the makes objects seek the centre of the earth, and then gravity by density/pressure principles take over accelerating the object in that direction.

Objects mainly need the 4th force magnetism to help point the direction to the centre of the earth. The pressure and density of the air/water/ground provide the actual momentum. This magnetic force is also the reason why objects fall in a vacuum chamber.

As you may realise with Neil Armstrong's famous feather and hammer drop experiment on the moon : there was very low acceleration when he drop them. They merely moved at a slow rate to the ground. This was due to the absence of air on the moon, and therefore no pressure or density acceleration.

There has never been any proof that objects falling in a vacuum are attracted to the larger of the two falling objects. In all of the vacuum drop tests not one object attracted towards the other. Which removes the gravity effect by size or density theories associated with our currently held beliefs of how the planets and solar systems operate.

Ok, you have proved that pressure causes materials to become more dense You have proved that under pressure bodies travel from a less dense to a more dense medium. If you did the bottle and beads experiment you would have proved that as these different materials move from less to more dense they in fact increase in momentum.

N.B. The whole of earths atmosphere is under constant pressure given rise to different densities of particles/chemicals that go to make up the whole of the natural earth. It is difficult for most people to except that gravity waves as such do not really exist Gravity is simply a combination of 4 principles. The planets do not operate by gravity and centrifugal or centripetal force. They operate by a magnetic force of attraction to the centre magnetic field of the solar system.

The sun then repels the planets and makes them stay away from the magnet centre. The sun has an orbit of its own around the magnetic centre. This orbit is the documented wobble of the sun. I'm informed through research beliefs that earth scientist do not measure magnetic fields correctly; man still hasn't correctly measured the secondary field within the primary magnetic field of the earth I'm uncertain if this is a harmonic field bought about by a fundamental frequency, or its a completely separate field all together?

The greater the "density" not size of the planet; the greater the magnetic field around it The greater the magnetic field the closer it will be to the centre of the solar system. The greater the size of the planet the more the sun will push on it to keep the planet further away.

This is the reason why the bigger planets like Jupiter and Saturn are in different places of orbit with the smaller planets on either side of them. Now if there was only gravity as a force an centrifugal force as a counter measure, all the planets should align themselves from the centre out corresponding to there size and weight. Which we know full well is not the case. In fact, if centrifugal force was the counter to gravitational force the bigger planets should be spiralling into the sun. This has been proven by earth based experiments numerous times. But we know this is not happening within the solar-system. If you study this simple principle of balance you can make a free energy magnetic motor based solely on the operation of the planets.

IE. Balancing attraction over repulsion producing rotation/motion/energy. There is a type of aether frequency that can mimic a perception of gravity, but is not used as a gravity as such: its used as space propulsion. I have explained this before, I will explain it again some other time.

The Russians have long known the sun produces tremendous repulsion. They have long known how the planetary/solar systems work. The force of repulsion is equivalent to the amount of magnetic attraction of the planet in question, regardless of how weak or strong the magnetic field is. The distance the planet is spaced from the sun can be used to calculate the planets magnetic field strength and the repulsion force of the sun.

The binary potential difference of the Sun light over the Darkness,forces all objects in space to rotate on there axis. To prove this obtain a photo-radionic device and shine bright light on it, then watch it spin. A photo-radionic device is a shaft with 3 cup/cones encased inside a glass sphere within a vacuum.

The 3 cups/cones are painted white one side and black on the other. When you shine light on the device it begins to rotate. It proves light has weight, and the binary potential difference of light over dark causes the difference which makes it rotate Nothing very brilliant in these simple experiments. This makes most scientist upset because they don't get there fame an fortune from fantastic far out paradigms.

The creator in infinite wisdom, made every thing simple, people make it hard...

I should leave it there for the moment, as I feel some people will have enough problems coming to grips with most of this newly introduced material. More in particular those who are indoctrinated into the current belief system.

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