Primer from an Ancient Civilization

Astronomical, Mathematical, Medical and Quantum Mechanics encoded into the Pyramid

The Case for the Giza Necropolis Primer

The first question to be generally asked is what is a primer?

A primer is a concept drawn from SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) research. The basic idea is that two cultures that are totally different from each other have only one means of communication open to them. SETI would expect the beginning of a code, which then could be deciphered. The code may also include something like the first 20 elements. An advanced culture may not want to release certain information or reveal their existence to a simpler culture and therefore encode the message in such a way that certain universal truths are required to be known before decryption could ever begin.

Consider this:

2 # 2 ^ 4

2 # 3 ] 6

2 # 3 ^ 5

2 # 2 ] 5

Does this look meaningless to you?

It is part of a primer. A primer is designed to teach another advanced culture about your mathematical operators such as addition, subtraction, etc. If we look at the example again we quickly see that # is addition, ^ is equal to, ] is not equal to. Not only is this mathematics but the beginning of a 'logic' sequence with the term NOT equal.

Mathematics is the Universal language. That is fine when receiving radio signal but how would you design a physical primer. You are not restricted to mathematics only, you could convey a lot more. Again we would expect this 'physical primer' to remain elusive until certain universal truths were applied to it. We believe we have found a 'physical primer' in the Giza Necropolis

The table below is from NASA:

Scale in Kilometers

Polar Radius

Equatorial Radius











Scale in Meters

















The Pyramids at the Giza Necropolis

The mathematical evidence below shows that the three Pyramids at the Giza necropolis represent the Earth, Venus and Mercury.

This is a something already known:

The Great Pyramid (Cheops/Khufu)

This Pyramid has been shown to represent the Earth. This has been shown by Livio Catullo Stecchini, an American professor of the History of science and an acknowledged expert on ancient measurement.

The Pyramid is on a scale of 1:43,200. This scale factor comes from the precession of the Earth. Sixty degrees along the ecliptic takes 4,320 years. Precession is now known to take 25770 years to complete the cycle. This would mean that 1 degree is equal to 71.5833 years. This means 60 degrees is actually 4295. If we use the nearest integer of 72 being 1 degree then 60 degrees would be 4320 years. The scale factor of 43,200 used in the calculations are designed to scale the structures down to reasonable height but are derived from the precession of Earth.

The Polar radius of Earth is 6356.8Km.

Change KM to M

6356.8 * 1000 = 6356800M

Divide by 43,200

6356.8 / 43200 = 147.1481M

This corresponds to 146.0M, which is the height of the Great Pyramid. The height of the Great Pyramid represents the Polar radius of the Earth.

The Earth’s equatorial radius is 6378.1Km.

Multiply (6378.1x2) by 3.14 (pi) to get the circumference of Earth.

The circumference of the Earth is 40054.468Km.

40054.468 * 1000 = 40054468m

40054468 / 43200 = 927.1867592m

This corresponds to 921.6m, which is the perimeter of the Great Pyramid. The perimeter of the Great Pyramid represents the Circumference of the Earth.


The Pyramid of Khafre (Chrephren)

Here is what I have found.

The Polar radius of Venus is 6051.8Km.

6051.8 * 1000 = 6051800m

6051800 / 43200 = 140.0879629m

The height of this Pyramid is 143.5m.

According to NASA the radius of Venus is 6051.8Km.

First find the Circumference

6051.8 * 2 = 12103.6Km

12103.6 * 3.14 = 38005.304Km

38005.304 *1000 = 38005304m

38005304 / 43200 = 879.752407m

This corresponds to 863.2m, which is the perimeter of Khafre's Pyramid. The perimeter of Khafre's Pyramid represents the circumference of Venus.

Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus)

Here again is what I have found.

This Pyramid is not exactly in line with the other two, which are, in a line projected south-east from the North-West corner of the Great Pyramid.

Because it is out of line (which is due to the star it represents in Orion), we would not expect it to follow the same rule. This is based on primer technology and mathematical correlation. It does not; the calculation is based on its diameter rather than the circumference.

According to NASA the radius of Mercury is 2439.7Km.

2439.7 * 2 = 4879.4Km

4879.4 *1000 = 4879400m

4879400 / 43200 = 112.949074m

Here we have the first acceleration into the Pyramid. We use the fact of its four faces.

112.949074 * 4 = 451.796296m

This corresponds to 434m, which is the perimeter of Menkaure's Pyramid. The perimeter of Mankaures Pyramid represents the diameter of Mercury.

Here we now see another acceleration in the learning curve; it is also used to direct the user at calculations based on every aspect of the Pyramids themselves.

The Polar radius of Mercury is 2439.7Km.

2439.7 * 2 = 4879.4Km

4879.4 * 1000 = 4879400

4879400 / 4320 = 1129.49074

Here is the change in the calculation, it is based on the fact that 5 objects make up the exterior of the Pyramid. 1 square and 4 Triangles. If we now count the sides 4 in the square and 12 in the 4 triangles we get the value 16.

1129.49074 / 16 = 70.593171296


This corresponds to 66.5m, which is the height of Menkaure's Pyramid. The height of Mankaure’s Pyramid represents the polar diameter of Mercury.

From the data we have we can draw two tables. The first will represent the data worked in reverse from modern knowledge of the planets. The other shows the actual values from the Pyramid:


Modern in meters
















Giza in Meters
















This is a comparison between the modern values of our planets, against values the pyramids give for the planets.

Scale in Kilometers

Polar Radius

Equatorial Radius










Scale in Kilometers

Polar Radius

Equatorial Radius










In addition, from this data we can draw up a table to show the actual scaling required to get an accurate representation of the planets as they are in Giza:

Scale Factor




Height to Polar




Circ. To Equatorial




*Note: The rest of the scale factors have been scaled by a factor of 10 for construction purposes as outlined at the beginning. When working with this value against the rest multiply it by 10.

If we take an average, we will arrive at the value 44000. This is not an unreasonable value.

There must be a common scale factor to all three pyramids and it must lie within these values. The discrepancies can be accounted for. The first and most obvious is that their visual calculations were not accurate, but very close. Venus, according to the pyramid, seems to be larger around the Polar radius. This correlates exactly with what we now know because its obliquity to orbit is 177.36 degrees. The Earth’s underestimation in size is, again, easy to account for. If the equator was marked by ships that were in a visual line of the stars of the south pole as a guide and if the equator was marked incorrectly, even by 50 Km, this could account for the incorrect overall calculation. They have appeared not to have taken into account a large portion of the equatorial bulge.

The other consideration is precession. If the value taken is, 72 rather than 71.5833 then total will be 25920 rather than 25770. This when used for longitude would cause an error in the calculations. It would give an error ratio of about 1.0058207 for every year.

Why am I using parts of the pyramids themselves in the calculations?

The only pyramid I have done this with is Mycerinus. Some people may claim that is just to bring it into line with the other two. That would still mean that Cheops and Chephren still represent the Earth and Venus. That, as I have shown, is incredibly hard to argue with. I am concerned with ‘Primer technology’. A ‘primer’ is designed to allow the breaking of a mathematical code it follows a sequence or an ‘intelligent pattern’. I am now working on the transcendental numbers and the meaning of such in relation to the pyramid. From there, I have seen that transcendental numbers are actually markers on openings.

The ‘line’ that is drawn between Cheops and Chephren is actually a ‘concept’. The ‘line’ to me shows a pattern or sequence. This is a sequence that Mycerinus is left out of. The fact that it is not altogether out of place makes me assume that some basis will hold true.

I found this when working and it is just too coincidental:

The actual scale factor that would now be used for the Polar radius is 4497.1429.

2439.7 * 2 = 4879.4Km

4879.4 * 1000 = 4879400m

4879400 / 4497.1429 = 1085m

The number we now have 1085m if we divide this by the number of faces on the other two pyramids (10) then we get 108.5m, the length of the base. Why use the other two? Remember the line? For this reason and others, yet to be shown in other work, this is now beyond reasonable question.

Also the scale factor 44000 when taken down by 10 to the, or what I believe to be, the original scale factor of 4400 we can do something very odd. 4400 / 365 = 12.05. A more accurate value of 12 * 365.24 = 4382.88. What I have just shown is that the scale factor, when divided by the number of days per year, gives the amount of lunar cycles. If we now apply the same principle to the lowest and highest values of scaling:

42172.822 / 365 = 115.54 (or 4217.1882 /365 = 11.541)

    1. / 365 = 12.564116

This is very interesting and worth a closer inspection.

The Giza Primer and sound


Music has a foundation in the Fibonacci series, as:

13 notes separate each octave of 8 notes in a scale, of which the 5th and 3rd notes create the basic foundation of all chords, and are based on whole tone which is 2 steps from the root tone, that is the 1st note of the scale.

Note too how the piano keyboard scale of 13 keys has 8 white keys and 5 black keys, split into groups of 3 and 2.

The following table demonstrates this:







Note in























Aug Fifth










Minor Third






























Aug. Fifth

What is the Fibonacci series?

In the 12th century, Leonardo Fibonacci discovered a simple numerical series that is the foundation for an incredible mathematical relationship behind phi.

Starting with 0 and 1, each new number in the series is simply the sum of the two before it.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, . . .

The ratio of each successive pair of numbers in the series approximates phi (1.618. . .) , as 3 divided by 2 is 1.666..., and 8 divided by 5 is 1.60.

After the 40th number in the series, the ratio is accurate to 15 decimal places.

1.618033988749895 . . .

You can use phi to compute the nth number in the Fibonacci series (fn):

fn = Øn / 5½


What is phi?

Phi is another transcendental number. It has the value of 1.6180339887. Like pi (3.14) it continues to, after the decimal point, infinity. Mathematically, it can be calculated as:

The square root of 5 plus 1 divided by 2.

It is also known as the ‘Golden Section’ or ‘Divine Section’. Take a line and divide it so that the ratio of the large piece (B) to the whole line (A) is the same as the ratio as the small piece (C) to the large piece (B):

So A is 161.8% of B and B is 161.8% of C.

What does the Fibonacci series have to do with the Great Pyramid?

Let us now turn our attention towards the King’s Chamber. This relationship is drawn from the North wall and the floor. Look at the table below:

Scale in Royal Cubits






North Wall



The semi-diagonal of the floor of this chamber is also 11.8 Royal Cubits. Therefore, the North wall’s height and half the height of the floor equal 16.18 Royal Cubits. These are the essential digits of phi.

How does this relate to the ‘Primer’?

The picture below shows a tablet that was found in the tomb of Hesi-Ra.

Note the long and short differences. This is the beginning of the Lucas series. It follows the same principles of the Fibonacci series except it runs 2, 1, 3, 4, etc.

This is the key to the ‘Primer’. I have shown that the pyramids of Giza are representations of the Planets, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. The sides of the pyramid give the ‘concept’ of a waveform. I have shown that the average scale factor is 4400.

If we look at the table of Fibonacci and musical frequencies we can clearly see that A is denoted by the frequency of 440Htz. The builders could not hope to pass numbers but they could pass scale factors. The pyramid ‘Primer’ is scaled on the frequency of A.

Further evidence of this can be found in the location of the ‘Queen’s burial chamber’. If we take the height of the pyramid as 1 then measure down at 0.882 the queens chamber is located. This happens to be almost double the value of A, in fact, it is therefore an octave higher.

The Chemical Primer

The shape of the Great Pyramid has often been debated. We now know what the shape is all about.

In the document, the 'Power Source', I showed how quartz crystals have been used to produce an alternating current.

The quartz is the secret to the structure. In a quartz crystal silicon and oxygen atoms are joined in the shape of a tetrahedron. That is, a 4 sided pyramid. This accounts for the piezoelectric effect in quartz. Oxygen is the main requirement for life on Earth. Silica is the second most abundant chemical on Earth comprising of 90% of the Earth crust as SIO2. This structure arranges itself in a spiral pattern. The pattern is ambidextrous. That is, the spiral may be left or right handed. This is an important factor when considering the layout in Giza.

The layout of the pyramids and the choice of construction material were no accident. The entire site layout is to represent the chemical formula for the main component of the Pyramids, Limestone. The chemical formula for limestone is CaCO3. If we take the Great Pyramid as Ca (Calcium), Chephren's as C (Carbon) and Mycerinus' as oxygen the 3 little pyramids beside it represent the multiple of that chemical. Since we know the spiral of quartz is ambidextrous then we can read it the other way around. The three structures then beside the Great Pyramid would become the multiple. Either way around it makes perfect sense.

Now in the document 'Primer from an Ancient Civilisation' I have demonstrated that the pyramid is one hemisphere of the Earth. If we now double up the pyramid to demonstrate the globe we get octahedral structure. This octahedral layout can be applied to sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). We believe that this demonstrates the polarity charge on the structure when in use as a power source. This would mean that the outer structure is negatively charged around an inner positive.

This structure also relates to iron ions. Iron is the impurity, which gives sand (impure form of Quartz) its colour. It relates to a complex ion structure of [Cu(H20)6]2+. This leaves our structure with Cu2+ in the centre surrounded by six H20. H20 is the chemical symbol for water. This would mean that it represented on the pyramid as being in every corner on the globe. The fact that the apex is also represented by H20 then states it is the most abundant on Earth. The angle of slope of the pyramid faces is 52 degrees. This means that there is 104 degrees between opposite faces. The chemical bond angle in water is 105 degrees.

The structure is designed to be opened out and used as a geometric periodic table of elements. I believe that 10 pyramids are used in this layout because of the alignment of the two pyramids of Cheops and Chephren.

The Power Source

I am pleased to announce a breakthrough in the primer. We have been able to locate the power source.

I now put it into the public domain.

John Cadman has shown that the lower chambers are a form of a vortex meter pump. By placing non streamlined objects in the flow of water vortices (eddies) appear. These vortices can be used to create a pumping action. He has noted some strange effects of this pump in its construction. When used after 10-15 seconds it starts to fall into a rhythm. He says that it is designed to produce a shock wave and deliver that to the pyramid.

The pyramid is constructed of mainly limestone. This limestone contains a very high amount of Quartz. Quartz is an unusual substance. Quartz when vibrated gives off an electric current. It also produces a current when compressed. It is known as ‘piezoelectricity’. Pierre and Jacaques Curie in 1880 demonstrated then by placing an alternating current on a quartz crystal it would vibrate. We use it in watches to regulate timing because it give off an electromagnetic "beat" which is constant. In nature certain spiders use it to catch their prey. They dig a hole and surround it in quartz. They then attach thin threads of silk to the stones. When a prey touches the stone the vibration causes the quartz to release a charge which the spider detects.

The pyramid originally had an outer casing shell. This was constructed also from limestone with a high percentage of quartz. It was joined together with a thin layer of cement. W. M. Flinders Peterie, the archaeologist, examined the construction work. He was ‘stunned’ to find tolerance of less than one-hundredth of an inch with cement in the gaps. You could not even put the blade of a pocket-knife into the seams. This outer casing was highly polished to a ‘mirror like’ finish. The pyramid is aligned with the four main directions of the compass or in other words, the Earth magnetic field.

Anyone spotted it yet?

Well, run the vortex meter pump so that the rhythm shock wave which, is delivered to the pyramid is in the 733Htz range. This is F sharp. Investigations into the pyramid have shown that its resonance value is somewhere around F sharp. The pyramid starts to resonate (vibrate). This reverses Pierre and Jacques observation thus producing an alternating current. The quartz then begins to produce an electrical pulse. The two layers of quartz within the limestone and outer casing become oppositely charged. Those two layers are separated by cement, which contains sand, an impure form of quartz. The pyramid becomes a capacitor. The resonance creates an unbelievable alternating current. Due to the fact that the quartz is being resonated the energy released would be phenomenal. It is cheap, free and clean.

The amount of power being generated would seal the entire structure in an intense electromagnetic field. Magnetic fields are known to have an effect on radiation. They have an effect on only alpha and beta particles. Gamma rays are unaffected by electromagnetic fields. When exposed to an electromagnetic field the alpha and beta particles are oppositely charged. They proceed away from each other.

The sarcophagus in the King’s chamber is made out of diorite. The surrounding structure is made of Granite. These are all source of low level radiation. Granite’s main constitute is quartz. This means that the King’s Chamber is surrounded in an electromagnetic field. What William Kapsaris has shown by his ‘Little Epsilon’ is that low level radiation acts as a catalyst in these processes. The position of the sarcophagus relative to the room is an important factor. They are two constructions based on phi. These, when placed relative to one another will, due to their chemical composition and atomic alignments, ‘focus’ the vortex directly around what ever is inside the sarcophagus.

The electromagnetic charge from the quartz seals the alpha and beta particles within the pyramid. It then separates the alpha and beta particles and sends them into two separate vortexes. These vortexes are spinning in the opposite direction to each other. With many walls being charged you would have vortexes within vortexes. All is increasing in density towards the centre. This in turn creates a superconductor out of the structure.

This would represent a constant within the Pyramid structure since none of the above items can be changed. We believe that the variable is the ‘air-shafts’. They are a calculated source of ‘photon’ (light) energy. An iron holder holds various crystals in position over the entrance of the ‘air shaft’. This is also vibrated within the building giving off a high speed switching of light wavelength electromagnetic radiation. This we believe is the source of the ‘Gods’ immortality, The so-called ‘fountain of youth’.

The Pyramid internally is constructed under principles of diffraction. It is designed to diffract both sound and light into wavelengths according to phi. These are calculated for the vortex.

Since this is a resonance action. There is no reason why the healing effect within the pyramid could not be transferred to an external object such as a pendant. The object would just have to resonate at the same frequency. There is a possibility that the object may require some special alignments. One effect of piezoelectricity is ultrasonic waves. In the pyramids case they would be seismic. They pass through liquids. The building could transmit its frequency through the Earth's core to the pendants in the form of standing waves. This would hold in line with how the building were used to ‘intercourse with the gods’. Since they are attributed to have being built by the God’s then it is reasonable to assume it was for communication between them. If they could create standing waves then they could pass Morse code style messages around the world using these waves. They could be then decoded by looking at the ripples in a reflecting pool at the Osireion found beside the pyramid of Seti I. Or at the grounds of the street of the dead Teoheotian Empire in Mexico, as it is thought once to have been laid out under water.

People have commented on the fact that the King’s Chamber is built to with stand an earthquake due to the construction of the roof. This is not the case. It is to prevent the entire building from collapsing whilst resonating.

We now have absolute proof of geometric structures having an effect on the surrounding environment. To obtain a patent you must ‘prove’ to the government your device works, that it is yours, and that it is original. You cannot patent an idea, only a method or a process. A patent has been issued for a pyramid structure based on the Great Pyramid which ‘sharpen razors’.

This is incredible. We have an object which can ‘sharpen razors’ and it has been ‘proven’ to work. More than that, it has been accepted across the world to work.

If a normal geometric object such as a pyramid can sharpen razors, what would this ‘turbo charged’ version be capable of?

There must be something special in the alignment of the structures. For programmers: everything we see is directly due to things we cannot. I think they learned a form of geometric programming. Why write in machine code such as quarks, etc. When you can write in a high level language of geometry.

It makes absolute sense.

The alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field is critical. The ‘razor sharpener’ will not work if not aligned properly. I wonder what effect this would have on the Great Pyramid.

I admit I am lost as to the capstone. Is it quartz for added low level current or is it gold to transfer energy from the Earth’s magnetic field? I think the latter is the most reasonable conclusion. St. Elmo’s fire effects have been long recorded in connection with the Great Pyramid. In fact, an eyewitness who states that the fire went up and down both sides has recorded them. This would indicate a polarised charge of some form.

Remember to construct a working model, everything must be scaled down from the Great Pyramid. Who would imagine, a pyramid is a nuclear accelerator and a free eternal power source.

In Conclusion

We have demonstrated the following:

  1. The three pyramids at the Giza Necropolis can be taken for the three inner planets at the same scale factor.
  2. We have shown that rooms within the pyramid are laid out according to frequencies.
  3. We have shown that it can be used as a periodic table of elements.
  4. We have shown that the pyramid structure has an effect on the decay process and that this fact is accepted throughout the World in the form of a patent.
  5. We have shown that the pyramid construction can be used as a capacitor. Leyden jars (early form of capacitor) have long been found in the area of Giza. They are on display at the Baghdad Museum.
  6. We have shown that this capacitor is created by resonance.
  7. We have shown that it, in effect, turns the pyramid into some form of nuclear accelerator. With calculated sources of electromagnetic radiation.
  8. We have shown that it could be used to transmit Morse code style communications in the form of standing waves.

The fact that we have shown ALL of the above leads me to inevitable conclusion, the Giza Necropolis is a 'Primer from an Ancient Civilisation'. If we had only some of what is above it could be dismissed. This document eliminates all other possibilities. It should now be investigated as such.

The next big question is why.

This from information suplied from the Author of the above article.

Mark McCarron is an expert on the Giza Necropolis. He works with the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. As well as writing research I am a member of the advisory board. We are the world's largestest multi-disciplinary research team dedicated to the study of the Giza Necropolis.

The association is directed by Dr John DeSalvo. He is the Executive Vice President of the multi-disciplinary research team studying the Turin Shroud for the Roman Catholic Church. He's a specialist in neurophysiology and Quantuam Bio-Mechanics.

I have just recently confirmed the primer and I am presently re-writing a case.

In short, we have made an unbelievable discovery. We have proved the existince of a highly advanced pre-flood culture. The pyramid and the Giza Necropolis are a way of establishing communication through Universal mathematics, geometry, and a time capsule approach.

What they have been trying to tell us is there is an asteroid 1/3 the size of Earth heading towards us. It is approaching on the day time side of the Sun. It will be visible from Earth in 2004 in the direction of Polaris. Key sites around the World are a triangulation of it position.

Do you remember the 'star' that guided the three wise men??? Its orbit is just over 2000 years.

It's all been encrypted into stone.

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