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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Great Pyramid be a water pump when there is no water near it?

If a pump is a pump, it doesn't matter where the water is; it is still a pump!   There is no water near the great Pyramid, NOW, to be sure.  But that has not always been the case.  The ancient lake of "Moeris" surrounded the Great Pyramid.  Perring himself, found "Nile Earth" in the Great Pyramid and Herodatus describes the two large Pyramids at Giza as being surrounded by water.  The Pharaoh's Pump did have a readily available source of water. 

    Surely the Great Pyramid is much more that just a Water Pump?!?!?!?
Water has a very high valuable in the center of a desert.  It is the source of life and prosperity.
Egypt in ancient times was the granary for the ancient world.  Food was plentiful and cheap.  The Great Pyramid was and is many many things.  But first and foremost it is a great machine.  It is a machine that can transform the barren desert into a bountiful harvest.  It is a machine that changed wasteland into land that groaned with crops or blossomed with roses.  The Pyramid Pump meant freedom from want, abundant food, a glorious conquest of environment, and social security.  The Great Pyramid was the Ancient's high water mark in mind over matter!

Also, water power can be used, and historically hs been used to run a wide variety of machinery.  The northeastern states of the USA developed manufacturing because of the availability of water power.  Factories were located near fast moving streams and rivers to harness water power.  Even Electricity is in reality a form of water power, Most electricity in the Pacific northwest is hydroelectric. (Electricity from water power!)  I do not know every use the Ancients used water power for, but I do know that they used water power. 

    If the Great Pyramid is a pump, then are you saying all pyramids are pumps?
Each of the ancient pyramids are unique in their size and construction.  They are made with sides of different angles of assent.  No two pyramids have the same chambers or passages although there are similarities and great differences.  Some pyramids were built of differing materials and with wide variances in precision. The Great Pyramid has many unique features that set it apart from the other pyramids.
(One main difference is that each side of the Great Pyramid is equally divided from the apex to the center of the base. This feature provides increased strength against water pressure from within the Great Pyramid during construction.)  The nature of these features (and many others) indicate that the original builders used hydraulic construction techniques to build the Great Pyramid.  Evidence indicates that the original builders' purpose for the Great Pyramid was to pump water for irrigation from the ancient lake Moeris to the surrounding area including the Libyan desert uphill from the Great Pyramid. Water power could also be used for many things. Fountains, palace water works, or even to power machinery.  In the pacific northwest waterpower from dams make electric power.  Water power hs many uses. 
    If the Great Pyramid was an irrigation pump, what area was irrigated?
The rocky knoll that the Great pyramid is built is not higher than the surrounding landscape.  The site of the Great Pyramid is on gradual hillside. The Libyan desert is to the west is about 100 feet higher than the base of the building.

    Is this Pharaoh's Pump stuff hallucinations of a raving manic?
No, not at all.  The findings in Pharaoh's Pump are acknowledged to be true and correct by a wide number of people.  The best example of the acknowledgment of the validity of the book Pharaoh's Pump is in the book 5/5/2000 Ice: The Ultimate Disaster, by Richard W. Noone.  The changes of that book which necessitated the second edition are mainly an expansion of the chapter that speaks of Pharaoh's Pump.

    Why aren't Ed Kunkel's ideas accepted by most Egyptologists?
Yes there is controversy about the book Pharaoh's Pump among Egyptologists.  The best way to explain this conflict is to point out another one.  Currently there is great controversy as to the age of the Sphinx.  Geologists around the world have ascertained that the Sphinx is much older than the Egyptologists say it is.  A TV program  broadcast across the nation demonstrated that the geologic aspects of the Sphinx proves it was made farther back in antiquity than any Egyptologist will admit.  Egyptologists have a vested interest and are promoting their own agenda that coincides with the volumes of books written and number of college classes taught.  If they ever admit that the Sphinx is over twice as old as they previously thought, then their books and classes become obsolete.  It is for the same reasons that they haven't acknowledged the truth about Pharaoh's Pump.

    What about the Archeology evidence that the area around the Great Pyramid is riddled with burial sites and tombs.  Why build a water pump in the middle of a grave yard?
To be sure there is water pump surrounded by graves.  Were the graves there first or was the Great pyramid there first?  It is the contention of most researchers (except traditional Egyptologists) that the Great Pyramid predates Dynastic Egypt.
    I have always been told about the slaves pulling blocks up the ramp.
Read the book and you will come to understand the great abilities and intelligence of the Ancients!  The book is interesting and compelling.  It is the only volume on the great pyramid that actually makes sense. Plus it is provided with a money back guarantee!! Sure, people can stack a few rocks into a pile and say that is how it was made.  It is odd that they never demonstrate how the magnificent 100 ton megalithic stones were set in place.  The measure in how the stones were moved is with the largest ones, not the littlest!

    The Great Pyramid was built as a tomb for a dead Pharaoh.
There is little if any evidence that any Pharaoh was laid to rest in the Great Pyramid.  What others believe to be very ineffective obstacles to tomb robbers were actually various types of valves.  Most of these so-called obstacles (in truth, valves) in the passages of the Great Pyramid have been destroyed but some of the valve seats are still there as are the eight inch round sockets that the valves pivoted in.  In the anti-chamber there is still a part of a valve that moves up in a slot.  Early explorers write of the precision of these movable parts.  These pivoting and moving working parts of the pump were not made to stop tomb robbers. 
    The Great Pyramid was built using simple tools and superb organization.
The above statement is incorrect.  People who tell you the above is how the great Pyramid was built are wrong.  To be sure, any major task requires great organization, but it took much more than organization to make the great pyramid.  Case in point.  With 100,000 slaves, simple tools and all the organization in the world you could NOT recreate even ONE casing stone to the optical precision of the originals on the Great Pyramid!!  In fact, since the construction of the pyramids not one casing stone has been made with simple tools.  The reason is: it is impossible to make even one casing stone by hand using chisels and hammers.  The book Pharaoh's Pump talks about some of the mechanization used in the construction of the Great Pyramid. 
    What is the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation?
The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and understanding of the construction and purpose of the Great Pyramid.  This includes making available the book Pharaoh's Pump to interested people and to spread the information as to the true nature of the construction and purpose of the Great Pyramid.  Another goal of the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is to create a working model of the Great Pyramid to the scale of 1/2 inch to the foot.  (two stories high)

    How is the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation funded?
Like most worthwhile endeavors the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is funded on a "shoe-string."  Although we are just getting started, most funding is received from private sources and individuals.  The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so those donations are tax deductible.  There have been a few donations in the form of money, office supplies, some computer equipment (still need a laptop) and materials for the construction of the scale model of Pharaoh's Pump.

    What do the funds go for?
Funds are use to maintain the internet site, printing costs, long distance charges, postage and other assorted costs related to providing the information concerning Pharaoh's Pump.  The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is also in the preliminary stages of constructing a working model of Pharaoh's Pump for demonstration purposes.  The model will be 1/2 inch to the foot (two stories high) and will demonstrate the true purpose of the Great Pyramid in action!  This will be an expensive undertaking, (as was the Great Pyramid) but it will demonstrate the purpose for the puzzling aspects of the Great Pyramid.

    What can I do to help?
Buy the book and read it.  Re-read it and then share it with your friends, letting them read it.  It will answer your questions much better than this FAQ page.  Spread the word!!  Add a link to your site!!  Mention this site in newsgroups and Email the URL to your friends.  Recommend this site to others.  Buy the book as gifts for you friends.  It is a compelling read, loaded with historical facts and explanations of the Great Pyramid's construction and the reasoning for ever aspect of the interior of the most marvelous building on earth.  Also, the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation takes donations.

    Does the Pharaoh's Pump Foundation take credit cards?
Not at this time.  That may change if there seems to be an interest in credit card purchases and donations.  PERSONAL CHECKS are gladly accepted!!!

    Describe the book Pharaoh's Pump.
The book Pharaoh's Pump is a book that is the culmination of Edward J. Kunkel's life long research into the mysteries and function of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Through exhaustive study and without preconceived notions he was able to solve the riddle of the ages; how the Great Pyramid was built.  He describes in great detail the reason and purpose of every aspect of the odd interior of the Great Pyramid including features to the pyramid that were not described before he published his work.  Almost all who read the book and think about what it says comes to the conclusion that Pharaoh's Pump is correct.

    The information on your page is interesting but creates more questions than it answers!
There is a lot of information to cover.  So much so that a whole book was written on the subject.  Please examine this site and become familiar with the information concerning the Great Pyramid.  The book, Pharaoh's Pump is available from this site.  There is a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied.  So if you seek the complete information on this subject, please read the book. 

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