What is energy 21

Originally I had a dream to create a research establishment that would create and build new forms of energy generating devices that would power and empower individuals into the 21st century.

Unfortunately as time goes by and with out the finance required,I am beginning to doubt that this will become a reality.

This internet site and other websites that come under the energy21 banner, that I have created seems the next best option and putting there what information, that I have gathered over the last twenty years seems to be the thing to do.

I have tried to contact the original copyright holders of this material, and in most cases have received their permission to reproduce their content here at this website.

If however you find material that you consider yours reproduced here, and don't won't it to be here,

Please send me an email website owner and subject to proof of your claim I will remove it from this website.

It is my hope that others can make use, of what information I have been able to gather and perhaps others may still be able to make use of some of it, and stop yourself from re-inventing the wheel and the mistakes of previous past experiments and experimenters.

Much of the material reproduced at this website is incomplete and further research and experimentation in to the workings of our natural and cosmic world environment may still be needed to make the dream of free energy for all a reality.

I also personally cannot vouch for material reproduced as I have no working knowledge of it apart from whats reproduced here.

Some articles may also be totally worthless but, I am leaving visitors to this site to make up their own mind abouts this.

This material however is included as a matter of interest.

It is interesting to note, that when I started energy 21 and our other websites about five years, there were only three other websites that dealt with free energy,and now its really great to see this number has increased over the years as the interest has increased, no doubt in some part due to current high cost of energy generation and supply we are now forced to pay.

I still believe energy21 is the only major Australian Website,dealing with free energy and to a lesser extent others forms of energy and giving the information away freely as well. We are also becoming aware of the work of Astro network in this field in South Australia and Victoria.Best wishes guys.

We would welcome becoming aware also of other Australians and Australian websites dealing with these new forms of energy research.

If you wish to your help