Taken from Patrick Flanaganís taped lecture on The Electron Field Generator (c.1988). The electron cascade is a phenomenon of continuous production of electrons - throughout the environment in the air itself. The production of the electron cascade effect, according to Patrick is...

fig.2"Number one, we have this phenomenon whereby we found that certain insulators, and some insulators are more effective than others, if we apply a high frequency, high voltage, alternating field across an insulator that we produce this [J.Willard] Gibbs phenomenon, this non-Maxwellian field, which has a differential polarization, that is, that it creates a polarity differential between it and the environment such that neutral and charged air molecules are accelerated at extremely high speed, not very low speed, but at very high speed toward the emitter. As these molecules are accelerated they collide with other molecules in the air and when this collision occurs the electrons are knocked off the molecules, that is, free electrons are knocked off the molecules and they in turn are accelerated by this field and then collide with the other the basis of what we call the electron cascade - we have an entire cascade of electrons being generated everywhere in the environment.

fig.1Now its true that we have a greater, that is, higher velocity, electrons being generated in the vicinity of the machine, however, so that the air passing through the machine (we have a fan that brings air through the machine, through this emitter device), although the air passing through the machine is exposed to very high concentration of free electrons the machine is also creating free electrons in space around the machine, that is, so that, it is affecting air and purifying air in the environment."


The standard negative-ion ionizer charges only a very LOCAL area of air, of about one metre from the unit (directly outside of which is strongly positively charged); whereas the superior electron cascade effect creates free-electrons actually in the environment by speeding up electrons, which in turn collide with air atoms, to create more free-electrons. The force of the free-electrons is then enhanced by dielectrophoresis and electrophoresis acting in a nonuniform electric field, resulting in a cooled environment of fresh negative-ion air.

See his US patents 4,391,773 (July 5 1983), and 4,743,275 (May 10 1988) The Electron Field Generator.



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