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the Kronzen free energy electric pulse motor part 2

Build your own water scrubber to further clean and purify household tap water

Some notes on three phase automobile alternators

Solar cooker that cooks food using the sun

Fuel source using high current arc water and carbon rods

Simple battery charger using power from the air costs about $10

History of the coanda effect

A simple antenna for radio and tv reception

Running your diesel engine on vegetable oil

Getting electricity from mother earth to charge batteries

Some improvements in the construction of electromagnets

Original articles from the pioneers on electrostatics

Electricity,elctrostatics science fair type experiments

A flat panel solar cell you can make in your kitchen

Kronzen electric pulse motor

Capacitive discharge motor

Build your own four foot tornado generator

The Genesis Project

Cook hot dogs with the sun in minutes

An easy to build and operate induction generator

An mazing little epsilon a scale model pyramid that works

Lord Kelvin water drop electrostatic generator

A simple solar water heater using a soda can

A way to make your light bulbs last longer

All links to our other websites

New type electrostatic generator U.S. patent Spanish design

Photo flash that runs from static electric in the air

Running your car on Zero Point / orgone enrgy

Make a small electric motor powered by radio waves

A magnetic rectifier based on Nikola Tesla deign

Rogers underground radio reception aerial

Micro wind electric power with a savonius rotor

Making a solar heat hot water absorber

making s solar cell in your kitchen

The Swiss ml testakica free energy machine

Making a simple electrostatic generator

The CD encyclopedia of free energy

The C Wanlass energy conservation electric motor

Portable light plants and generators

Wimshurst electrostatic machine and how to build one


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