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Home page on the encyclopedia of free energy volume 3

Let children demonstrate how to boil water with solar energy

unusual form of electrostatic generator

A Baku inventor claims extra power over unit

a garden power generator using a savonius turbine

The Genesis project

The Following Links are Chapters from the book Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell



What is the Joe Cell

Some properties of orgone

Some names for the life force

Orgone Polarity

Theory of Cell Design

materials and design

Sizes and diameters

Water types and relations to cells

Charging the water cell

Connectioning to motors

When Things go wrong

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Some Readers contributions



Brotherhood of Man

Information on running your car on orgone energy using The Joe cell

Home page of energy 21 website

Home page of the brightsparks website.

Free zip download of the encyclopedia of free energy volume 1


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