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Please note this list below is
The complete contents listings we previously had at our Brightsparks website.
Unfortunately the ISP owner where these topics were resident has decided to remove all contents of this website without my knowlege or consent and so you are now unable to access it even though I still time left paid for it to remain there.

However not all is lost some of the content has been saved in the five zip files of the free energy encyclopedia free downloads as below.

Unfortunately my current web site provider at this site has introduced down load limits on what can be download from time to time and you may be blocked from getting downloads from time to time if this happens please try again it well worth it.

This material is also provided on the free energy CD

The encyclopedia of free energy shareware copy zip part 1

The encyclopedia of free energy shareware copy zip part 2

The encyclopedia of free energy shareware copy zip part 3

The encyclopedia of free energy shareware copy zip part 4

The encyclopedia of free energy shareware copy zip part 1

Not all content from the former Brightsparks website has been saved in these 5 zips and the only way to to see the complete subject content of what we had at our website is to purchase the Encyclopedia of free energy CD as below.


Sonic Levitation

Atmospheric Potential Gradient Motor

Factors which affect High Voltage Fuses

The Air Bladder water pump

A new look at how our planets may orbit

Some practical electrostatic calculations

Paul Brown Variable reluctance generator.

Greinacher High voltage cascades circuit

The Joe cell

Basic Electrostatics

High voltage Bruce profiles

A simple science fair solar still

Page one of brightsparks index page

High voltage U.S.A equipment supplier

Permanent magnet cam Motor

Hamel spinner

Index page 2 of brightsparks website

The swiss ml or free energy machine

Examples of high voltage cascaded rectifier systems

High voltage experimenter handbook

Free brightsparks download site

High voltage Capacitor Discharge Impulse Generators

High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook

High Voltage Relays and other mechanical switches

The Pelletron (a tm of National Electrostatics Corp)

Tesla Coils Invented by Nikola Tesla

High Voltage Resistors

Measuring active and reactive power with just a VOM

Insulating Liquids

High Voltage Rogowski profiles

Estimating the magnitude of the Electric Field


Rotary Mechanical Heating Device invented by Eugene Frenette

Water and glass Capacitor

encyclopedia of free energy volume 1

Inventors of note.

High voltage rotary spark gaps

Some other free energy websites

Electro-optical measurements (Kerr, Pockels, and Faraday)

Water Resistors

Wheeler Formulas for Inductance

Electro Optical Theory

Electrostatic water drop experiement of Lord Kelvin

Making a diffrence

Using your greatest tool

Reasons not to use wirewound resistors beyond their ratings

Voltage Dividers Resistors, Capacitors, RC combinations

High Voltage Handbook Downloads

The brightsparks website

The standard rod gap uses two long rods

Schaubergers inventions

Insulating gases

Rod Gap Breakdown Voltage Tables

Vortex heating and cooling

Self Capacitance of an air core coil Medhurst formula

Sphere Gap Breakdown Voltage Tables

Electrical dynamo power Inventor Robert W.Alexander patent 3,913,004

The Future of us all

The Free energy Flasher

Sphere spark gaps

The free energy battery circuit

Multi-Stage High Voltage Generators

High voltage Paschen's Law

Tailbiter circuits for generating square pulses

Basic High volatage circuit theory

High voltage experimenter handbook main page

Tate Ambient Power Module U.S. Patent 4,628,299

Captain Hans Coler device.

some high voltage reference source

Pulse Power Switching Devices - An Overview

The temperature of Wally Minto

Home page energy 21 website

Pharoahs Concrete

Single Pole Generator

Fitch Impulse high voltage Generators

Marx generators are probably the most common way of generating high voltage impulses

Airdam water collection from the air

Flying vehicles and pressure demonstrations

High Voltage Construction Materials

Construction of solar box cooker and Advice on how to build one

Triggered Spark Gaps

Schauberger inspired turbine

Powering Electrical Devices with Energy Abstracted from the Atmosphere

High Voltage Wire and Cable

Power Factor Correction

Cockroft Walton Voltage Multipliers

Hydrogen Fuel generator

The Van De Graff electro static generator

The Coler Report A British report

Making a wimshurst electrostatic machine

High Voltage Surface Preparation for Epoxy Bonding

The Komrey converter

The high voltage safety handbook

Pulsating wind generator


Solar Desalination Device

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