Searl, John R.R., 1996. Law of the Squares
City: London, A web page on John R.R. Searl

A web page on John R.R. Searl part 2

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Publisher: Author biography & printing J.R.R.Searl.Great Britain.

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my contact with ufo's the book online

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Additional Material [In retrospect.]

Mutch G. D. 1997, Qld, Australia.
Bachelor Information Technology, Electromechanical engineering.
Mechanical engineering, Software engineering.

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Dr. J.R.R.Searl ,NW London, England. S.E.G.,V.T.A. Scientist,Engineer.

J. Thomas N.Y. USA. S.E.G. Disc USA.

T. Boardman, Qld. Aust., Electrical engineering

J. House, WA. Aust., Electrical/mechanical engineering

G. Plass Qld. Aust., Electrical/mechanical engineering

S. Christy USA. Zeropoint Physics.

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