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I would like to mention here the special dangers that are associated with the use of the life force, more particularly the Orgone energy. I presume that the reader is familiar with the arts required to experiment with hydrogen and oxygen, and is also competent in the use of the tools required to achieve the required results. You have read the disclaimer and I will leave it at that.

As you may be unfamiliar with Orgone, I would like to mention some additional precautions.

Orgone is very sensitive to disturbances and agitations from many sources. Thus the Orgone energy is very easily excited or irritated to produce toxic effects.

The following should be avoided:

* Any cathode ray device such as a TV sets, computers, oscilloscope, etc.

* Microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, luminous face watches, smoke detectors and electric blankets.

* Mobile phones and towers, courier radio telephone service or similar instrumentalities, airport radar and communication services, TV, AM, FM radio transmitters, radio traffic lights, police radar, high tension power lines, nuclear power plants, nuclear waste or storage facilities, and past or present nuclear testing areas.

The above electromagnetic and nuclear devices and materials are known to irritate Orgone energy, driving it into a severely excited state which Reich identified as the Oranur effect. These effects persist long after the irritation is removed ( years ). Under such persisting agitation, the Orgone energy eventually becomes immobilised and " dead ". Reich identified this deadened energy state as Dor ( Deadly Orgone ). A typical human reaction to Dor is lethargy, immobilisation and emotional remoteness. The most important effect is, that it tends to drive latent medical symptoms to the surface.


If Oranur or Dor is present, an accumulator will amplify these tendencies.

If my cells " play-up ", I feel very tired, my face looks and feels bloated, I have trouble with my eyes, and I feel as if I was sun burnt. You should dismantle the cell immediately and find the cause. As for yourself, have a cold shower as soon as possible and you should feel better.


The contents of Joe cell chapters
What is the Joe cell
Some Properties of orgone
Some names for the life force
Orgone Polarity
Theory of Cell Design
materials and design
Sizes and diameters
Water types and relations to cells
Charging the water cell
Connectioning to motors
When Things go wrong
Miscellaneous Thoughts
Some Readers contributions
Brotherhood of Man A Joe cell parts supplier
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