This is a copy of the book published by Nutech and reproduced here with permission, but without the excellent photographs that are published with the book.

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Nutech 2000

To the brotherhood of man,

who as a united group

can accomplish all things.


I want to especially thank my friend, Robert W., who unselfishly gave me his time and expertise on numerous occasions with the production of this manual.

I want to thank my wife Irene, for her patience and understanding throughout the years that I struggled with lunatic fringe experiments.


I could not possibly name all the great men who paved the road before my humble donation. By using their scientific contributions, I was able to stand on their shoulders, and thus obtain a better view of the problem. This would not have been possible without their lifetime's works and their unselfish sharing to help their fellow man.

I must mention a few of the main contributors:

Baron Von Liebig Research in the force of life.

Goethe Luminosity around biological objects.

James DeMeo Notes on dangers.

J.G. Gallimore Compilation of energy effects.

Karl Von Reichenbach The discovery of the Odic force.

Wilhelm Reich The discovery of the Orgone force, accumulators,

bions, Motors, Measuring instruments, cloud busting,

Melanor, Orite, Brownite, Orene, etc.


The contents of Joe cell chapters
What is the Joe cell
Some Properties of orgone
Some names for the life force
Orgone Polarity
Theory of Cell Design
materials and design
Sizes and diameters
Water types and relations to cells
Charging the water cell
Connectioning to motors
When Things go wrong
Miscellaneous Thoughts
Some Readers contributions
Brotherhood of Man
A Joe cell parts supplier
index page where the contents of these chapters came fom

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