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Nutech 2000


Irremissible reading for the practising experimenters and constructors.

As the author of this book titled, " Experimenters Guide to the Joe cell ", I hereby make the following formal declarations and give the following advice:

1. I make no recommendation to anyone to construct a Joe cell. I am merely giving an account of my own learnings, experiments and the results obtained thereby.

2. I do not urge and do not recommend the alterations to the fuelling of registered motor vehicles or other engines which are to be used on public roads or other places.

3. In the event that a person, who by his/her own decision endeavours any, or all parts of my experiments, I strongly suggest, that the operator must be well versed beforehand, in the arts and knowledge requirements of the above tasks, for a safe and successful construction.

4. Misuse, or abuse through negligence or intent, or unfamiliarity with construction techniques, or the laws of the country, or safety procedures, are NOT the responsibility of the author, but are in the hands of the practitioner.

5. The author does not accept any responsibility for any injury, death to any living form, damage to property, or damage to the environment, or breaches to any laws that apply at the time to the modifications of internal combustion engines and the pollutants thus released, nor any other event that may give rise to legal action in the event of any persons carrying out research and development, or any other act that may be initiated as a result of the information contained within this document.

6. While the author stands by the authenticity of the results achieved by his own experience, due to the many variable factors of the process including the " Y " factor, no guarantee is implied or given that the outcome of any work carried out by any persons will be the same as those given in this document.

Melbourne, Australia-1999. The author, Alex. A. Schiffer.

Like all potentially dangerous devices, use at your own risk.

The contents of Joe cell chapters
What is the Joe cell
Some Properties of orgone
Some names for the life force
Orgone Polarity
Theory of Cell Design
materials and design
Sizes and diameters
Water types and relations to cells
Charging the water cell
Connectioning to motors
When Things go wrong
Miscellaneous Thoughts
Some Readers contributions
Brotherhood of Man
A Joe cell parts supplier
index page where the contents of these chapters came fom

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