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Chapter 12


" Begin by forgetting what you have learned."

Armand Barbault

This section is optional reading. It is here for the reader who wants a better overview of Orgone, accumulator theory and miscellaneous supporting works including more of my rambling's.

Emerald Tablet.

This is Hermes work relating to the Cosmic force, that he calls Sol, as translated by R. Steele and Mrs. D. W. Singer.

" Emerald Tablet "

" True it is , without falsehood, certain and most true.

That which is above is like to that which is below, and

that which is below is like to that which is above, to

accomplish the miracles of one thing.

And as all things were by the contemplation of one, so

all things arose from this one thing by a single act of adaption.

The father thereof is the Sun the mother the Moon.

The Wind carried it in its womb, the Earth is the nurse thereof.

It is the father of all works of wonder throughout the whole world.

The power thereof is perfect.

It is to be cast on the Earth, it will separate the element

of Earth from that of Fire, the Subtle from the gross.

With great sagacity it does ascend gently from Earth To Heaven.

Again it does descend to Earth and untieth in itself

the force from things superior and things inferior.

Thus thou wilt possess the glory of the brightness of the

whole world, and all obscurity will fly far from thee.

This thing is the strong fortitude of all strength, for it

overcometh every subtle thing and doth penetrate every solid substance.

Thus was this world created.

Hence will there be marvellous adaptions achieved,

of which manner is this.

For this reason, I am called Hermes Trismegistus,

because I hold three parts of the wisdom of the whole world.

That which I had to say about the operation of Sol is completed."


Cone angle calculations.

I must warn the reader that this section is, like Chapter 7, a creation of my brain , mind, or imagination. As such, treat it with caution, Prove all things; hold fast to the truth!

The cone has to perform a very difficult task. As Orgone cannot be held captive against its will, somehow we have to execute an impedance transformation from the containing cylinder assembly, to the restriction of the outlet fitting and then to the Aluminium cell-to-car tube. The scientific problems are challenging; firstly, because conventional science, in general, denies the existence of Orgone. Secondly, this mass-less, hard to measure and invisible force does not lend itself to easy analysis.

So some " loony " must be prepared to at least make an effort to explain the unexplainable, and stick his reputation on the line, with at least some form of a theory that may be eventually corrected and built upon, and thus finally producing concrete facts. So here goes:

As we are ultimately dealing with frequencies and the resultant harmonics, all atoms and molecules must have an individual signature. Thus the cone material harmonics can play a large part in containing and guiding the dual pulsating Organic vortex field.

This calculation of complex harmonics of frequencies is very difficult. So I have chosen to take the easier path of working from a know parameter and thus obtaining the unknown details. As there is a relationship between the frequencies and the atomic weights, and as we have a fair tabulation of these, I will base my cone angle calculation on the atomic weights of the elements concerned. At all stages I am referring to the angle formed inside the apex of the cone.

* You may readily look up for yourself the related atomic weights, but to save you some work, I will list some of the ones that are related to my explanation.

Element Atomic weight Element Atomic weight

Hydrogen 1.00794 Carbon 12.011

Magnesium 24.305 Aluminium 26.98154

Silicon 28.0855 Phosphorous 30.97376

Sulphur 32.06 Titanium 47.88

Vanadium 50.9415 Chromium 51.996

Manganese 54.9380 Iron 55.847

Cobalt 58.9332 Nickel 58.69

Copper 63.546 Zinc 65.38

Molybdenum 95.94 Silver 107.8682

Tin 118.69 Gold 196.9665

* Now let us analyse the chief constituents of 316L stainless steel.

Element weight %

Iron 72%

Chromium 16%

Nickel 10%

Molybdenum 2%

As the rest of the elements are 1% or less, I will them out of our calculations. Similarly the above percentages are variable and I am using the minimum values that can carry the 316L name. If you want a more precise cone angle calculation, use my methodology and tighten up your own figures. You will find that the final manufacturing tolerance will absorb you numerical perfection.

The next step is to add up the related element based on the percentage existing in the final product, thus;

Element % in 316L Atomic weight Total % in 316L

Iron 72 55.84 40.21

Chromium 14 52 7.28

Nickel 10 58.7 5.87

Molybdenum 3 95.94 2.88

Manganese 1 54.94 0.55

Total 56.79

So let us round of to 57 and now call this our cones internal apex angle in degrees.

Okay, you say, a great play with numbers where, at one moment we are dealing with apples, and the next moment you are calling them oranges! Yes, I agree, but let us see if empirical data gives the same result.

* Remember from Chapter 7, as to how we derived the outer casing height from two methods. One was my theory and the other one was the dimensions of working cells, both Joe's and my own. We will do the same here. Now, I suggested that for a 5 cylinder cell, an inner length of 8 inches and an outer length of 10 inches worked very well.

I have also previously explained, that the seed centre is in the center of the vertical height of the cylinder assembly, as dictated by the magnetic and electric forces. As the height is 10 inches for the outer cylinder casing, half this height is obviously 5 inches. So the nodal points would be at 5 inch intervals. Therefore, the perfect cone would have a vertical ( not diagonal ) height of 5 inches. If we do some basic geometry, you will find that this works out at about 54 degrees. and a cone height of 4.5 inches would give us 58 degrees. In passing, a perfect ( isosceles ) triangle has 60 degrees internal angles.

Remembering that we are trying to capture the vortex at the nodal point, thus the 4.5 inches would bring the apex of the vortexial crossover nicely into the outlet fitting. Bear in mind that the actual apex of the cone is missing and that instead we have a 1 inch hole . This 1 inch hole is at the 4 inch vertical height of the cone, so you want a 5 inch to 1 inch 316L reducer with a 4 inch base-to-hole vertical height. The 57 degrees falls very close to the 4.5 inch vertical height, which is midway inside the compression outlet fitting. Exactly where you want it.

Okay, what about the 4 cylinder cell, how does this fit in with the theory? Lets have a look at it. As an average inner cylinder length is 7 inches, the outer casing cylinder would be 9 inches. As before, the nodal points are half of this, thus a vertical height of 4.5 inches. At a vertical height of 4.5 inches, the cone angle would be 48 degrees, 9 degrees short of what we want for 316L stainless steel.

So unless we used a 7 inch outer casing and recalculated the seed diameter and the inner cylinder lengths, the 316L cone would not be optimum.

But what is to stop us using a cone made from a different material? For example a Titanium cone at an atomic weight of 47.88 or 48 would be perfect, and perfectly expensive. So forget that one. A lot of experimenters world wide have had good results with Aluminium cones. From the above table, the atomic weight for Aluminium is 26.98154, or for my calculation, an angle of about 27. degrees. As we are dealing with harmonics, the next upper harmonic is 54 degrees ( close to 57 degrees as in the 5 cylinder cell ) and thus only a fraction higher than the 4 inches vertical cone height. The end result is that an Aluminium cone would work better than the same cone in stainless steel of the same aspect ratio. The 1 inch outlet hole is on the 3 inch vertical height of the cone, so you want a 4 inch to 1 inch Aluminium reducer that has a base-to-hole vertical height of 3 inches. The 54 degree falls on about the 4 inch vertical cone height, which will be fair way inside your compression fitting. As this cone cannot be welded to the stainless steel casing by many welders, a press fit is required. Also, remember that we want a seamless interior transition and finish. It has been done and it works very well, but for the general experimenter, it is far easier to use a stainless steel cone and suffer the extra leakage.

The above two examples may help you with your experiments on cone angles. There are many number games that you may play with Nature's mathematics and the above is only one. For example, you could use the Fibonacci series, ie. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. and use it for your cell design, thus inner cylinders diameters are, 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch, an outer diameter of 5 inches, an inner length of 8 inches and a outer casing length of 13 inches, with a cone vertical height of 6.5 inches, or half again, ie. 3.25 inches. I have not tried this as yet, but I am very tempted to do so when time permits.

Note. Most cones work to some degree or other, what I am trying to do is to optimise the ideal shape and its related dimensions. From a person who could actually " see " the Orgone flame, ( Verne Cameron ) the following broad guidelines are worth their value in gold:

* " If the cone is less than 90 degrees, the beam is shortened and brought to a focus."

You may use these angles at you discretion, taking overall tube length into consideration.

* " If the cone angle is 90 degrees, you will have a concentrated 1 inch beam, which will travel great distances."

A 90 degree cone for the 5 inch cell is 2.5 inches high to the apex and 2 inches high to the 1 inch outlet. A 90 degree cone for the 4 inch cell is 2 inches high to the apex and 1.5 inches high to the inch outlet. I find these angles too " flat " for cones and prefer a focussed beam cone construction. Of course, a dome in some geometric shape would favour this flat layout but, with the added complication of tuning the dome shape, ie, elliptical, parabola, circular, etc.

* " If the cone angle is more than 90 degrees, the beam will tend to disperse."

Do not use these angles. They will tend to reflect the Orgone energy back into the cell and thus make the cell a great table-top model, but they will not run a car.

From the above, it can be seen, as to why some experimental cell perform brilliantly on the bench, but will not run a car; namely the cone angle is too small and the Orgone beam reaches a focus point before reaching the water jacket of the motor. Again, you have been warned! If the cell is a stage 3 cell, and the motor will not run, the cone angle is one of the primary suspects.


How does it work ?

The inspiration, for this section belongs to Walter Russell a truly amazing being. I have used his great brain to allow me to explain to you how I think the Joe cell functions.

From Beyond the Atom .

There is a neutral ether consisting of countless myriads of inconceivably small particles per cubic centimeter having no electric charge and no mass. Universal mind places electrostatic charges on these particles when there is a suitable magnetic field so that the become charged particles. The complexity of the charge determines the type of charged particle and its behaviour.

The above nicely explains several points to the average reader;

* As ether, ( Orgone ) has no mass or electric charge it makes it very difficult to measure. If you read about the efforts that science has gone to, to measure gravity waves and neutrinos, you will more fully comprehend the problems of measuring these forces . Suffice to say that just because scientists cannot measure Orgone energies does not mean that Orgone does not exist.

* As our Joe cell geometry, chemistry, electrolysis, location, materials and experimenters vary from cell to cell, the Joe cell will thus produces a whole series of different effects for different experimenters. The cell can lose weight, cause rain, heal people, make people sick, create various elements and even do what you want it to do ie. power an internal combustion motor.

So, how does a Joe cell run a car? Again I will stick my neck out and suggest an answer that makes sense to me. Obviously it is a theory and is only in place until a reader suggests a better theory, in which case I will remove mine and insert his with full credits.

Have you ever considered exactly what occurs when you use a battery for your radio, torch, etc. I mean what is in the battery that makes your device work and why does it go flat?

There is many chemical and electrical ways of explaining the process, but I would like to explain it to you from a slightly different perspective. Lets set the stage:

1. Every unbalanced action must eventually be balanced no matter how long it takes. Remember that I have mentioned in another section of this book the great clue, Rhythmic balanced interchange. All things in creation including our battery and the Joe cell obey this fundamental rule.

2. Electricity is dividing a pressureless condition into two opposite pressures which desire release and thus a return to a state of balance. So our 1.5 Volt battery for example, does not want to have a positive and negative pole and is trying to return to a state of balance ie. eventually the battery will go flat the duration depending on how much work we ask it to do.

3. Work is the result of unbalanced matter seeking a rest in balance. Notice how we make our battery work for us by letting it return to a state of balance. JUST AS IN THE JOE CELL!!!

4. So the charge of the battery, ( or the Joe cell ) is a pressureless condition separated into two opposite pressures.

5. A charged battery is dually unbalanced by the opposite pressures which desire release, exactly as in the Joe cell. Opposites oppose, they never perform any other function than to oppose. Opposites are not things; they are conditions.

Okay, if we look at the above clues and using the car battery as an example, we can readily see that the electrolysis that occurred in the battery when we charged it via the car alternator has created an unbalance that is frantically trying to return to a state of balance. If you do not believe me and if you are foolish enough, just put a spanner across the terminals of a charged battery and watch it melt and disappear. Please don't do it, take it as fact. In like manner, when we charged the Joe cell, ( which is also acting as an accumulator ) we have created an unbalanced condition that is also frantically trying to return to a state of balance.

A car battery reaches a state of balance by finding an electrical path either in the battery ( self discharge ) or outside the battery in a resistive load ie. turning your lights on. The Joe cell reaches a state of balance if you accidentally short the cell when it is charged, or in the combustion chamber of the car by using the timed spark plug spark or a similar electronic trigger to allow it to drop to a lower or balanced density ( the state it was in before you forced it to do work ).

The result of the Joe cell working is translated into an expansion of the intake air charge and thus the forcing of the piston down the bore to turn the crankshaft etc.

Now a few words of mine should fall into place for you. A stage 3 cell is charged ie has sufficient unbalance to do work. A leaky cell is a self discharging cell. A balanced or stage 1 cell cannot perform work. To make the cell work, we must have an efficient transfer to the point where the work is required, ie. we must contain the unbalanced condition until it is in combustion chambers by using the right type of cone, tube, blind plug, motor and electrical connection.

The Joe cell accumulator is constantly trying to return to a state of balance and given the slightest excuse will return to balance and thus be useless to you. As you build up you familiarity with your cell, you will find that the cell is constantly giving you small clues as to what it is doing. As such working with the Joe cell is an interactive exercise and developing the skills of a good observer will be highly beneficial.


Electrolysis process.

A lot of experimenters have tried in different ways to electrolyse water, and thus as a result of electrolysis, utilise the liberated hydrogen and oxygen as a fuel to run a car. This was the original intention of Joe when he planned to run his car on " steam ". This was, and is, also the intentions of individuals right up to the present time. They have all forgotten, or never knew, the fundamental principles of electrolysis, as formulated by Faraday. His first law is:

The quantity of any element ( or radical, ie., group of elements ) liberated at either anode or cathode during electrolysis is proportional to the quantity of electricity that passes through the solution.

This simply states that you cannot get something for nothing! All around the world, different groups and individuals are constantly claiming that you can run a conventional car motor from water with basic electrolysis and still have power left over ( over-unity ). Well is you believe that, pigs might fly.

Think about it! Let's say that one horse power is 750 Watts. Let's also say that you require ten horsepower to propel a vehicle at a reasonable rate. So we require 7,500 Watts. Now, by Ohms law, 7,500 Watts divided by 12 Volts, ( our conventional car power source voltage ) is equal to 625 Amps. As a normal car alternator produces a maximum of 50 Amps, you may start to realise the magnitude of the problem.

1. For an ideal case, to cause current to pass through a solution, no minimum potential difference is required. Irrespective of the liquid in the Joe cell, a certain ( although at times, small ) current, will flow through the solution in the cell if any potential difference, however small, is maintained between the anode and cathode. This current that passes corresponds to Ohm's law. So if you connect the Joe cell across a 12 Volt car battery, a current will flow that is determined by the resistance of the electrolyte. Now if you connect two car batteries in series ( 24 Volts ) across the Joe cell, you would expect it to obey Ohm's law and that twice the current would flow. But as the Joe cell is a liquid and highly complex resistance and potential source, what actually occurs is that the current nearly triples. This has been verified with extensive experiments by Barry Hilton. Conversely, if you reduce the voltage across the cell, the current will be reduced. Using this fact, you can adjust the cell electrolysis current from minimum, as when the car is not in use, to maximum during use, as required. This is simply done with one resistor, or as previously mentioned, you can have a fancy system that is constantly adjustable. I optimise my cell as I said, by the addition of electrolyte, until a cell is flowing 1 Amp at 12 Volts for a running engine and ¼ of an Amp ( 250 m/A ) for a breeding idle cell, ie. not running an engine.

2. The above conditions only apply if there is no appreciable polarisation at either anode or cathode plates. By polarisation I mean the change in potential at the actual electrode surface that occurs as a result of the current flow and thus chemical action. In our case, as we use 316L stainless steel, ( the anode is thus considered insoluble ), this is not a major problem.

A test for polarisation with other materials is to check the voltage across the cell on turning off the power. If there is polarisation, you will read a reverse voltage to the normal potential polarity. The magnitude of this reverse voltage is the amount of polarisation. This voltage falls off quite rapidly and should be measured with a high impedance volt-meter.

3. The conductivity of a solution depends upon the ionic concentration, rather than the total or molecular concentration, as the undissociated molecules do not conduct current. In our case, with acids, the degree of ionisation increases with dilution. This explains why, for example, dilute sulphuric acid has a higher electrical conductivity than a more concentrated form. So greater concentration is not better for you electrolyte in the Joe cell.

4. The pH of a solution, is a convenient way of expressing the free hydrogen ion concentration and thus the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The normal scale is from pH 1 for completely hydrated strongly acid solutions, to a pH 14 for a strongly alkaline solution. A pH value of 7 is considered neutral. In neutral solutions, the hydrogen and hydroxyl ion concentrations are present in equal amounts. Acid solutions cause an excess of hydrogen ions and alkaline solutions a deficiency of hydrogen ions, ie. an excess of hydroxyl ions.

For example, pH 4 = 0.0001 gramme ions per litre, and a pH 5 = 0.00001 gramme ions per litre, etc.

It is important to realise, that the pH is a measure of the free or active acidity or alkalinity of a solution, and not of the actual acid or alkali concentration.

More on pH if the above is too simple ( Courtesy ETI magazine).

All acids have at least one hydrogen atom that tends to break away from the molecule when the acid is dissolved in water. In doing so it leaves behind an electron and becomes a positively charged hydrogen ion. It is these free hydrogen ions that are responsible for the chemical properties of acids, and their relative numbers determine the strength of the acid in question.

Alkalis are extreme examples of a class of substances known as bases. Bases are like converses of acids. When they are dissolved in water they tend to break up in a negatively charged hydroxyl ion and a positively charged residue.

Bases and acids in the same solution tend to neutralise each other. The free hydrogen ions from the acid combine with the free hydroxyl ions from the base to form molecules of water.

The reaction between hydrogen and hydroxyl ions can also proceed in the other direction. That is, water molecules can break up again into free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. There is only a slight tendency for this to happen, however. In pure water at room temperature only about one water molecule in ten million dissociates into ions. In other words, the concentration of free hydrogen ions in pure water is one part in ten million. This concentration of hydrogen ions is known as a neutral solution.

If an acid is dissolved in water, the solution will no longer be neutral, there will be more hydrogen ions because of the dissociation of the acid. Dissolved bases will initially result in a solution that has more hydroxyl ions than neutral water, but these hydroxyl ions will tend to combine with any free hydrogen ions to form water molecules. The net result is that the number of free hydrogen ions in a basic solution is lower than neutral water.

Clearly if we can measure the number of free hydrogen ions in a solution we can find out if it is acidic or basic, and to what extent. Actually what we will be interested in is not the absolute number of hydrogen ions, but their relative numbers ie. their concentration.

For reason of mathematical convenience and logical purity, chemists prefer to work with a quantity known as the activity of hydrogen ions. Since the activity is generally proportional to the concentration, the exact distinction between the two terms need not concern us here.

The range of possible values for hydrogen activity is very wide, from 10 for the strongest acid solution to 10 to the minus 14 for the strongest alkali. This leads to numbers that are awkward to writer and even more awkward to speak.

The pH notation which was introduced in 1909 by the Danish chemist S.P.L. Sorensen, makes things a bit easier. It defines pH as the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity ie. pH - logA.

As mentioned above, low values of pH indicates acidity, high values alkalinity. Neutral water is pH 7.


Rotating fields.

Over countless years, various experimenters, professional and otherwise, repeatedly reported the discovery of unusual phenomena that could not be explained, or that did no fit in with the known laws and theories that existed at the time of the discoveries. The easiest method employed was to shelf the idea until more became known while scientists " came up to speed " on the subject. In Chapter 3 is a list of the different names given to one of these mysterious group of forces.

Although all the various scientists were working on the same type of force, due to a lack of formulated and written characteristics of this force, each scientist re-discovered the same force and gave it a new name. Well, nothing has changed. Orgone as a name, is not the flavour of the month, but torsion and axial fields are. It really does not matter what name you give a rose; it still smells the same. Similarly, our cosmic life force behaves the same, no matter what some scientist decides to call it. I am only belabouring the point to make you aware that torsion and axial fields are not a new discovery, but the same old force with a different coat.

Some properties of torsion fields, as presented recently by Yu. V. Nachalov and A. N. Sokolov: ( Try web site ):

* They exhibit phenomena associated with the fifth force.

* They cannot be shielded with metal screens.

* They have velocities billions of time greater than the speed of light.

* They can affect the of weight of objects.

* They can propagate in the future as well as in the past.

* They can transmit information without transmitting energy.

* They propagate through physical media without interacting with the media.

* They cannot be shielded by most materials.

* They can be shielded by materials with a certain spin structure.

* Any nuclear spin-polarised object is a source of torsion fields.

* The interaction of a spin polarised particle with a spin polarised object, results in

the appearance of anomalous forces which depend on mutual spin orientation of the

particle and object.

* Each physical objects, in LIVING or NON-LIVING Nature, possesses its own characteristic

torsion field.

* They can be observed by Kirlian methods.

* Any permanent magnet possesses its own torsion field.

* Pyramids, cones, cylinders, flat objects, triangles, etc. are torsion field generators.

* Aluminium is an effective shield for torsion fields.

* Aluminium mirrors will reflect torsion fields.

* A combination of geometrical shape and high voltage will cause a reduction in gravitation.

* Many effects remain up to four days after the torsion field is removed.

* They are identical to the transverse spin-polarisation of the physical vacuum.

* They are shielded by artificial materials possessing orthonormal topology of structure.

* Torsion field has a cone shaped spatial configuration.

* They significantly alter the oscillation of quartz crystals.

* Torsion fields can alter the process of radioactive decay.

* The charged object must not be subject to any shocks, otherwise the torsion field charge

will disappear, as torsion fields are closely coupled to inertial forces.

* They can be generated as the result of the distortion of the geometry of the physical vacuum.

Torsion field references amount to over 10,000 articles belonging to about 100 authors. Over half of these work in Russia. So dear reader, if you want to track down the properties in detail. you have more than enough to keep you busy for a long time.

To summarise the above, all these so-called new torsion and axial field properties match exactly the properties as given to you in this book and that were known for hundreds of years. At such, apart from a change in name, we have additional irrefutable and current verification that the Joe cell is a simple Orgone ( or life force ) accumulator.

For the astute reader, I am sure that you can think, ( with the use of some of the above newly mentioned effects ) of methods of improving your basic cell to make it less leaky, thus acting as a better container of Orgone.


The past.


A very old warning states that Cosmic fire can consume the unready; man is warned that to tamper with the energies of the Universe is forbidden until he is prepared through inner transformation.

As this transformation is far from completion in the majority of mankind, we have a sorry state, where critical information on Cosmic energy and its utilisation have to be carefully guarded. As all energies can be used both for good and bad, the end result is that a few have used these powers for the control of the majority. As such, information on the Cosmic forces is very hard to come by at the grass root level, where we, the minions reside.

Throughout history, various scraps of information have been published that has given the inquiring researcher enough data to enable him to piece together at least the rudiments of the power source and the related construction.

As Walter Russell said, " Everything which seems at rest depends upon violent motion to make believe it is at rest. " So, this seeming stillness that surrounds us is a seething sea of violent motion. By unbalancing this rest and balance, we have endless power at our fingertips.

Also, as quoted by Walter Russell from The Divine Iliad,

" Great art is simple. My universe is great

art, for it is simple.

Great art is balanced. My universe is

consummate art, for it is balanced simplicity.

I have but one law for all My opposed

pairs of creating things; and that law needs

but one word to spell it out, so hear Me

when I say that the one word of My law is


And if man needs two words to aid

him in his knowing of the workings of that

law, those two words are


If man still needs more words to aid

him knowing of My law, give him

another one, and let those three words be


So, dear reader, as you can see in the above, the energy is a rhythmic, balanced interchange of two streams as is our Orgone force, a pulsating, dual expanding and contracting vortex. All expressions of energy seek a point of rest, and return to a condition of rest. Our Joe cell concentrates this rest energy and in this concentrated, unnatural state, the energy is desperately trying to return to its base or rest state. We allow this to occur in the combustion chambers of our motor, and the resultant return to rest of the Orgone energy creates the work that powers the motor.

I will now mention other quotes regarding the Cosmic force, from far less authoritative individuals than the Almighty.


The following is a communication received and written by Carlos Zelaya in 1971:

" In Cosmic Energy, or the energetic action of Cosmic Rays, we find it is in itself an undrainable energy source within the reach of all the Universe. To take advantage of it at any experience we must use as departure point some elemental concepts based upon Cosmic laws.

This energy moves itself within certain fields or strips, both at infinite space as within the geomagnetism of heavily bodies. To achieve tapping and concentrating it, it is necessary to make geomagnetical study of the planetary area, as a deep study of astral or astrological motions, according to your language. .......Considering that these rays move and behave in a given way according to solar and lunar motions, and with the combination of both and of planet Mars, which is the main reflector of this solar system for Cosmic rays, they are the most fitting for the experiences of exiting the atomic nucleii. "

Additionally, the following was received by Carlos, also in 1971.

" To condense cosmic energy it is needed a device somewhat different to the ones presently used on Earth.

It is not only different but its variations lies upon concepts and principles related to its construction, on Earth are taken as principles physico-chemical phenomena, etc.. We take as principle the ELECTROCOSMIC phenomenon, which is the energetic manifestation of the WHOLE's Elemental Laws.

Therefore, for energy-accumulation, we take into consideration that;

Any directed energy within an inert space tends to form a field

because of the seeking an equidistant balance with respect to

the field's axis properly. "

Also, the following was received by Carlos in 1971.

" The phenomenon because of which cosmic energy is condensed is:

1. Because its natural atoms are ACTIVE MATTER.

2. Because it is " active matter ", it is possible to condense and fix it.

To fix its condensation it is necessary that the energy levels be active enough, for the later, with the polarisation " shock ", be formed the layers of matter, which only through their atom's excitation it is active and generates, by reaction of impulses, a given wavelength.

With this simple principle, but highly positive, it is attained the concentration of ( cosmic ) energy into layers of NATURAL matter and its generation of regulable fields according to the excitation it is made to undergo, for the natural matter of the Cosmos is an energy source. "

I have left the translations as received, you may want to manipulate it into more " correct " English.


You may want to read an article by Rick Anderson and his explanation on the Poynting vector and the Lorentz force. See his article at ( ). This article will explain to you the reason for the rotation of a suspended magnet that is placed near a charging vat. Also, it will partially explain to you the reason for the concentric, cylinder within cylinder design of the basic Joe cell. In brief, if you do not have Internet access, I will quote the main paragraph:

" The third vector ( Lorentz/Poynting force ), then , must appear at right angles to BOTH the electric and magnetic vectors, at all points around the perimeter of the subject; and so it manifests as a CIRCULAR ORBIT OF FORCE AROUND THE SUBJECT WITH A PREFERRED DIRECTION, similar to a rotating energy field or vortex. The direction of this circular Lorentz can be switched between clockwise and counter-clockwise simply by reversing the polarity ( or physical connections to the coils ) of the amplified signal driving the coils. A North pole at the top, with a South at the bottom, will cause the Lorentz force to circle counter-clockwise, and a S-N clockwise. "

This has been explained in earlier chapters, of this work.


You may want to read " An Analysis of the Joe cell from a Biodynamic Perspective ", By Guy McCarthy. Although I disagree with a fair portion of his conclusions, nevertheless, there is a lot of good background information for the Joe cell experimenter. It is available on web site:

( ).


Orgone in relation to some other energies. By Lawrence Barth.

" In the late 1950's, Gaston Burridge published an article on " cone " energy. He discovered a form of energy which, he states, his and others' experiments show come in a beam from the apex of a cone or pyramid made purely of metal, or cardboard or wood covered on the outside with metal foil, especially brightly polished foil. Here one is reminded of the orgone accumulator, especially the funnel accumulator, but we must notice that the metal is on the outside of the organic material, not the reverse; nor need there be any opening at the apex, as is the case with the funnel. To the best of my knowledge, the radiation comes in a beam from the apex rather than equally from every surface of the metal. The beam is as intense at night as at daytime, this seems to eliminate sunlight as the direct source of the energy. "


The research of Karl Von Reichenbach. By Kenneth Strarz, ( quoted in selected parts ).

" Baron Karl Von Reichenbach was a nineteenth century scientist whose amazing researches have been almost totally forgotten. He discovered the fundamental new energy, odyle, the same in major respects to Reich's orgone. in support of his discovery he performed literally thousands of controlled experiments, publishing the results over a twenty year period. Reichenbach did not reckon with the terror and hatred that the human being feels when confronted by life specific energies.

Reichenbach was born in 1788 in Stuttgart. In chemical research he discovered creosote, paraffin, eupion and pittarcal. from 1845 until his death, he tried fruitlessly to convince his colleagues of his discoveries. he did a huge amount of research in the unseen properties of magnets and crystals. Crystals and magnets observed in the dark showed flames rising three inches from the ends, shaped like a tulip. They were very beautiful and moved constantly. He named the new energy odyle.

In addition to magnets and crystals, Reichenbach described eight other sources of odic energy: living organisms, the sun, moon and stars, heat, friction, artificial light, chemical reactions, electrical charges, and the material world in general. He discovered that the odic processes in the human body interacted with other sources of odic energy. Reichenbach discovered that a strongly charged body could alter the natural charge of another substance by contact.

His final conclusion is .....that the odic force is a universal adjunct of all matter in variable and unequal distribution and that this force is one which extends over the entire universe. "

As stated above, there is a vast amount of recorded data, but unfortunately not easily available, as most of his work has been out of print for over one hundred years. His work is vital to any reader that attempts a thorough understanding of the Orgone force.


The work of Georges Lakhovsky.

Lakhovsky states that every living being emits radiations. If you read his book " The secret of Life ", you will easily see that the experimental results obtained with various shaped spirals is a direct tie-in with our Orgone energy topic. Similarly, you will see how the " Y factor " ties in to the body's emitted radiation. Again, good reading for the researcher.


Some very interesting comments from the great Erwin Schrodinger one of the founders of quantum mechanics and well respected by his peers. The comments nicely tie in with the Orgone force and living organisms:

"...Today it is believed that living organisms feed on energy and various kinds of foods have different energetic values. This is an absurdity. any point of the universe entropy increases and the living organism continuously produces positive entropy, too, and so everyone is drawn towards a state of maximum entropy, ie., to death. To avoid this state and so to be alive, the living organism decreases his entropy continuously extracting the negative entropy from the environment, including food..."

What a lovely way of stating that we require Orgone ( which has negative entropy ) and thus by logic we will interact with any Orgone source, including a Joe cell! Again, the Y-factor.


To finish this very brief section on past information, I will mention some important research information from Reich.

The effect of Deadly Orgone Rasdiation. ( 1961 ) Compiled by Charles R. Kelley in Radix institute bulletins.

"·Dor is an abnormal life-inimical form of orgone energy. it is present recurrently throughout the Earth's atmosphere, is present chronically in large regions of it, and is increasing.

Dor is an immobilised stagnant energy that seriously interferes with normal orgone energy metabolism, both of atmospheric and of living orgone systems.

Whereas orgone energy normally gives the sky a light blue or blue grey appearance, DOR-infested regions of the atmosphere appear dark, sometimes blackish or purplish black. Normal orgone energy is in constant motion, flowing, flimmering, or pulsating, while DOR is still and oppressive.

The stillness of DOR-infested atmosphere makes them especially subject to pollution of all kinds. Urban smog appears principally and most seriously in atmospheres immobilised by DOR.

Animals or plants exposed to heavy or chronic dor concentration are seriously disturbed in their orgone energy metabolism, which is dependent on the external orgone energy field in which they live. Continued exposure can result in grave disorders and eventually, even death for plant and animal alike.

A tree exposed to a DOR infested atmosphere dies in a particular way. DOR is attracted down onto the tree from above. The top of the tree therefore is usually affected first. the leaves curl and die, and the bark disintegrates and peels. The tops of outstretched branches, usually near the top of the tree, are next affected. The bark on the tops of the branches turns dark and disintegrates. The tree dies from the top down and from the outside in.

In areas of extremely high DOR concentration, exposed rocks begin to turn black. The black usually begins in small spots, and expands to cover more and more rock surface.

When DOR is removed by the use of the Reich apparatus, it becomes concentrated around the equipment. This concentration can become so serious as to be a hazard to life."

The Core men.

I have no intentions of boring you with any conspiracy theories or my phobias. I will quote Reich directly:

" 1. The CORE men ( Core = Cosmic Orgone Engineering ), as I came to call them, apparently were thoroughly conversant with the laws of functioning in the cosmic Or energy ocean, especially with gravity as a function of superimposition.

2. They use cosmic Or energy in propelling their machines.

5. The CORE men were obviously riding their space ships on the main Or energy streams of the Universe."

There is much more on the above in the Orop Galactic Stream publication.

The Orgone Energy motor.

I will mention in brief, some references from Dr. Reich's work, in relation to a method of utilising Orgone energy to power a motor. The full details were published in 1948 and 1949, and the reader may refer to these for full details.

For his radioactivity work, Reich used a Geiger Muller counter. As a result of many experiments, he noticed reading anomalies with some of his experiments. Basically, he noticed increased reading with the counter dependent on Orgone concentrations. This eventuated in Reich eliminating the normal Geiger Muller tube and replacing it with his own specially made tubes. He named these Vacor tubes.

These tubes were evacuated to .5 of a micron, which is below the level that normal ionisation would occur. As a result of charging these Vacor tubes with Orgone energy, he discovered that they would produce a high pulse rate on the GM counter. This led Reich to further experimentation, resulting in the modification of the standard counter circuit in such a way that a small motor could be made to rotate directly from the Orgone energy.

This motor was a small AC type made by Western Electric, with a type number of KS-9154. It would run when Reich connected an antenna and/or earth to the modified GM counter. It would also rotate whilst under the influence of a field enemating from a living creature. The rotation of the motor was quite unusual as it could reverse direction spontaneously without significantly slowing down and speeding up again as if the motor had no inertia. The rotational speed also varied unexpectantly and could be made to run faster or slower, depending on the person that had his hand near it.

Reich explained the above idiosyncrasies, by referring to a force he called the " Y factor." He refused to divulge what the Y factor was, and mankind will have to wait till the year 2007 AD, when his sealed archives will be opened. As already mentioned, I am very confident that the Y factor simply stand for YOU, meaning that the individuals Orgone field interacts with the experiment. This has occurred over and over with experimenters interacting with the Joe cell.

For the more dubious reader, I will quote directly some of the comments of witnesses that were present, when Reich was demonstrating the Orgone motor:

Myron Sharaf.

" involved the use of an accumulator attached to a motor; concentrated Orgone energy was triggered by a small amount of electricity, an amount insufficient to rotate the motor without the accumulator......When powered by the combination of Orgonotic and electrical energy, it ran smoothly and quietly; but the speed varied depending upon the weather....more rapidly on dry, clear days, more slowly when the humidity was high. "

Elsworth Baker.

" Reich first used vacor tubes in series attached to a small accumulator and connected to a transformer to build up an electric charge to excite the Orgone energy. He used four or five vacor tubes. All were connected to a 25 Volt electric motor.....Reich took away one vacor tube after another until all were taken away, and still the motor ran. The important ingredient was the so-called Y factor which Reich did not divulge. .....On Orgone energy , the motor was practically noiseless and ran smoother and faster. At times, it would change direction. In damp weather, it would not run. "

Lois Wyvell.

" The one I saw was about the size of a large orange.....It was hooked up to a special Orgone accumulator with the Y factor that Reich did not divulge as he felt mankind was not ready to use such a potentially boundless power rationally.....But the motor ran on atmospheric orgone energy fed to it through the accumulator and also from the human energy field.....It ran erratically, as no motor with a mechanical energy source does: It slowed down and speeded up without any interference. Also, if one curved his hands over the motor, it picked up speed, and with one's hand over it, it speeded up and slowed down....It reversed itself every once in a while without slowing down, even without a jolt. "

As you can see, there is a large and undeniable link between the atmosphere, living organisms and the Orgone motor. In a movie sequence that Reich made, the is a demonstration of the motor not turning until Reich placed his hand in the vicinity of the motor. The motor then ran until Reich removed his hand. So if we are not dealing with a living force, I would challenge the reader to offer me a logical, scientific reason to the contrary. Please, don't bother replying with references to tricks with mirrors, RF transmitters or any other circus act type explanation.

Again, let me state that the above is a very, very small sample of the vast amount of recorded data in our historical archives.


The present.

The present lies with you. There are many teams spread all over the world, that are experimenting with Orgone accumulators. These teams are working with the Cosmic energy for many and varied applications. The Joe cell and its application, is a very small section of the overall research work. The majority of the effort is in four main areas:

1. Weather control. There has been a vast amount of knowledge gathered in this application. Reich himself has written hundreds of pages on his cloudbusting operations. A more recent individual is Trevor Constable. The book, " Loom of the Future ", by Thomas J. Brown from Borderland Science Research Foundation, is a fair overview of the present state of the art.

2. Water modification. This area has a smaller following, but is amply covered on the Internet. Basically, it involves the use of either egg shapes or vortexes or both, ( after Viktor Shauberger's work ), to modify the water structure and the enclosed Orgone energy. The end result is a living water more suited for all living organisms. There is a lot of literature on this. Check the Internet.

3. Health uses. This is the one that caused the demise of Reich and his works. He, and many others that have since copied him, have discovered that the Orgone accumulator can have wondrous curing abilities, with many claims of cancer cures. A lot of literature on this. Check the Internet.

4. Covert uses. Since recorded history began, secretive groups have exploited the majority by withholding huge advances in technology. This has not changed, and will not change in the near future. It is indeed very frustrating experimenting with your pieces of stainless steel tubes and your Joe cell, when the chosen few are laughing their heads off, watching you trying to recreate the wheel.

So, as far as the present is concerned, we have basically two groups, one covert and way beyond any technology that the average person can imagine, and the other a huge team of back yard and academic

experimenters, stumbling and bumbling their way through the fog.


The future.

To quote Walter Russell directly, regarding a future new source of power ( written 1957 ):

" The first stage to be transmutation of the atmosphere into free hydrogen, then, generations later, by transforming solar radiation into solar generation as man's ultimate fuel. This would not only free him from dependence upon earth's resources, but give him complete power to cause rains wherever he desires, on desert or meadow, and to dissipate cyclones while forming. "

A chief source of Orgone, is solar radiation.

The future depends on us all. If we interchange our research for the good of all, (which is so easy now with e-mail and the Internet ) we will be able to make quantum leaps in our knowledge. thus the gap between covert and freely available information will close. The end result is a better world for the majority and not just for the chosen few.


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