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Chapter 8


" Water is a living substance! "

Viktor Schauberger.

As seen on the chapter on Orgone polarity, we have the choice of negative Orgone, positive Orgone or a combination of both. Combined polarity Orgone cells are more suited for use in real Orgone motors and " anti-gravity devices " as used by the people in the know, but the funds, time and permission are out of the realm of the normal back yard experimenter. So as far as these notes are concerned, scratch that option out. A positive cell would require alkalies, different insulators, 316S stainless steel and water with a natural pH of 7 or more. For many reasons, I did not choose to go in that direction.

As I will explain shortly, I choose to make only negative cells, and these notes are based on the construction of negative cells. Do not read negative as not as good as positive. They perform the identical functions, all that we are doing is sitting on the left side of a see-saw and not the right side.

What do I mean by negative or positive cells? Simply stated, a negative cell is based on acidic water and related materials and a positive cell is based on alkaline water and related materials.

Water type

As discovered by many experimenters and holy people, Orgone, or the life force, loves or has a great affinity for water. Just as well, or we and the rest of the planet's " living " creations would not be here. So the first step in our quest to build an accumulator is to provide for whatever we are trying to accumulate, a container or area where we can accomplish this task. Okay, I far as I am concerned, we are trying to accumulate Orgone energy, thus the aim of the game for me, is to provide the most attractive and pleasant area to allow this energy to gather and then I concentrate, focus and utilise the energy before finally releasing it back to where it came from. If we assume for the moment that Orgone will be accumulated by water, the next question is obvious, what type of water, in what type of container, how large? etc.

Here experimenters have gone in all directions and a huge mythology from armchair experts has developed to show the way to the " blind ". Let me state from the start that Reich and others have spent their lives telling us how and what to do. I have compiled a great deal of scientific information, and as such, I am standing on many great shoulders that have passed before me to give me a better view of the problem, and I claim no credit. The only credit I claim is that I have got up from my backside and have actually done something with this information. So by doing, now I know, like you will, if you ever make a cell.

So, as I am dealing with living energies, it makes absolute sense to me to accumulate these energies in a medium of their choice, ie. in living water! All water is not just plain old water, nor are all pure waters the same, or pure. Unfortunately, the experimenter grasps on the word " pure " and immediately images of " pure " water from the local supermarket or distilled or rain water or his favourite filtered tap water flashes into his head. No, No, No! I am deliberately belabouring this point as it is critical in the construction of easy seeding, breeding and low leakage cells. Get your water right or stop reading here and use these notes to light fires.

Okay you say, let's move on, what is this magic water? Pure water means that good old mankind did not get a chance to " help " the water to make it better with additives, or the water has not lain around in metal or cement pipes until we want to use it, nor has it been ripped apart by turbines and pumps, nor has it lain stagnant and motionless in the Sun, nor has it flowed next to roads to have all the car combustion heavy metals fall into it, nor has it flowed underneath high tension power lines, nor has it had all the guttering from thousands of houses dump their toxins into it, nor has it had thousands of roads and streets drop its pollutants and waste into it. I mean, you must be getting the drift by now. The water you drink out of your tap is dead, distilled water is dead, tank water from roofs, etc. may be dead and toxic, water you buy from the supermarket is dead, and river and creek water that you may get downstream after it passes through towns and cities is also useless.

I use what I call juvenile or virgin water. By that I mean water that I get at the start of rivers or creeks. Juvenile water is like a child looking out for new experiences as it leaps, rolls, swirls and runs in shady, rocky and self selected pathways. It is the life blood of Mother Earth and a living thing. It has the ability to store these " pleasant " memories, or life-beneficial frequencies. I do not have to tell any reader how cold and how invigorating a mountain stream is. That is the right water! We do not want the water after it has experienced the memories and thus the frequencies from mankind's help, unless we can remove these detrimental memories.

I have my favourite water catchment area well outside Melbourne, Australia, where all the above conditions are met. There are no roads, powerlines, dams, pipes or any man made intrusions, the water flows how and where it wants to in natural, twisty downhill paths it has created, the whole area is green all year round and you can feel the vitality and Nature at work. Absolutely beautiful! No wonder that village people in mountain areas live so long.

From " Living Water ", a book by Olof Alexandersson:

"...Schauberger did not approve of pumped sub-surface water as drinking water. This water forced artificially from the depth was " immature " - it had not yet passed through the whole of its natural cycle, and therefore in the long term would be injurious to man, animals, and even plants. Only the water that runs out from the soil by itself in the form of springs and streams is suitable as drinking water....Water flowing from a natural source, particularly a mountain spring, acts in quite a different way. Schauberger found that if one drank a litre of this water - thus presumably increasing one's weight by approximately a kilo, - the net increase in weight was in fact only 300-400g. The remaining water must have been converted directly into energy to the body, thereby explaining the enormously enlivening quality that this water gives..."

Again, the above shows the difference in the energy content of different waters. If we relate this energy content to negative entropy that the Orgone energy possesses, we can readily see how it thus combats positive entropy or death that all bodies strive for. Put in another way we live, and so does the Joe cell as a result of taking in Orgone energy in many forms, including water. Also, I would like to distinguish between Schauberger's term " immature " and my term " juvenile ". Juvenile water is mature water before it is influenced by the bad memories ( frequencies ) that good-old-mankind has provided. Immature water is water that has not recorded the essential frequencies that Mother Nature provides. As such immature water is not what you should strive for, if you want quick seeding and breeding of your cells.


The water I use in its natural state has a pH of 6.5. That means it is slightly acidic and perfect for the negative cells that I make. I bring this water home making sure that I protect it from excessive sloshing and the heat of the sunlight whilst in the car. At home, I store it in 20 litre Pyrex bottles. Do not store it in plastic containers even if the container is marked " suitable for water ". Earthenware or wood containers would also be very suitable.

So the first thing you need when you find your own magic spot is some 0-14 Litmus paper. This is quite cheap and you can get a small quantity from your nearest swimming pool supplier. There is no use in buying a $1000.00 pH meter that is accurate to zillions of decimal places. All you want to know is, if the water is alkaline or acid.

The water will be either:

A. Neutral, ie. pH is approximately 7. In this case the ion level is too low for electrolysis and you

will have to add electrolyte. ( See Perfect Science note below ).

B. Acid, ie. pH varies from 7 down to 1. As this is what we require for a negative cell, grab some

and bring it home.

C. Alkaline, ie. pH varies from 7 to 14. You may make a positive cell with this, as many people

do. I personally am not interested, and therefore, I do not cover a positive cell construction in

these notes.

Be wary of any juvenile water with a pH of 5 or less, as the natural water acid level is getting too high due to pollutants or a high concentration of minerals. I personally have not used such water and can offer no guidance.

In the section on cell construction, I cover the stages required to bring this water to the right " working strength ".

Perfect Science water

I will give you a brief summary of a talk by Drunvalo Melchezidek, regarding very wonderful news. The full talk can be found on ( )

" ... Some Sufi masters in Turkey have presented to the world with a water that appears to be alive. This water has different effects on different things. It seems to have an optimal effect on whatever it touches.

... This water is called super-ionised water. A company out of Istanbul Turkey, has been started by Ihan Doyuk, and is called Perfect Science. A 48 million-dollar plant has been built in Turkey to produce 100,000 tons of this water a day.

... The only difference is in the number of electrons that are in the outer orbit. ... it has three extra electrons in the outer orbit.... all the scientists and physicists and the chemists of the world have been studying this for the past few years and have been keeping it secret. Not one of them, ... can explain how it is happening. They don't know! ... it appears as though ... it is alive and it knows what it's doing!

... But if you put the wires in super-ionised water, the light bulb comes on. No one has seen that before. That is impossible by everything that we know. And there is a flow of electrical energy through the water, that they are describing as liquid electrons. "

What is so exciting about the above extract is that the water is conductive with a pH of 7! This is exactly what the Joe cell experimenter needs for the electrolysis of the Joe cell without electrolyte. The end result is no more deposits, large ion flow, lower cell maintenance and a far superior cell as an Orgone accumulator. A recent quote from Michel Foisy ( ), is USD$27.00 for one US gallon and USD$8.50 for air mail shipping. Worth a thought. I will give at later date, a progress result on the batch that I am testing.


A typical and very suitable mixture is described in United States Patent 5,231,954 by Gene. B. Stowe under the production of a hydrogen/oxygen cell.

For people without Internet I will briefly quote the relevant section;

" electrolyte solution can be made by mixing small quantities of phosphoric acid ( food grade ), sodium perborate ( to supply extra oxygen), and acetanilide as a stabiliser, in deionised water or distilled water. The quantities of these chemicals may be varied between rather wide ranges, the object being to provide reasonable flow of current between the two electrodes. "

He goes on ( in section 6, 65 onwards ), to explain a typical method of making this mixture. I would suggest that if you made the above, you used juvenile water for dilution, and that you leave out the stabiliser as it is expensive and not essential for our needs. The end mixture works extremely well and you will only have to add a couple of spoonful's of Gojuice to achieve 1 Amp of current flow at 12 Volts in you car or test cell.

General notes

It should now be self explanatory that constructors that use water without knowing the pH and then mix it with various chemistry, eg. " caustic soda ", an alkaline that is popular ( probably because every house has some ) and dubious insulator materials, are doomed to failure. Caustics just loves to chew at insulators. Believe me, stay with mild acids.

You may use vinegar or acetic acid that you use for cleaning the stainless steel and kill two birds with one stone. I personally have made my own mix that I call " Gojuice " as explained above. Acetic acid or vinegar is fine, but, please note that if you use vinegar, as the quantity of vinegar added to the cell is quite large, ( by volume ) you will have to be careful that the vinegar was made with the " right " water. This would be highly unlikely, so it should be used as a last resort. With acetic acid make sure that it is 90% acetic acid and if you obtain it from a photography chemical supplier, make sure that there is no stabiliser or indicator included in the mixture. It is because of the dubious nature of the water that is used for the vinegar and acetic products that I have taken the far more expensive path of using Gojuice.

In closing let me say, that it would be absolutely stupid to get naturally acidic water then electrolyse it with an alkaline and then complain that you are getting sludge formations and the cell does not work.


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