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Chapter 5.


" Everything that is natural is silent, simple and cheap "

Viktor Schauberger.

After 6 years of experimentation, I made the assumption that the Joe cell was working on Orgone energy. This assumption came as a result of hundreds of hours of reading and experimentation. In all that time, all the recorded effects of Orgone, ( and there are hundreds ) have matched the behaviour of the Joe cell. There has never been a departure from the known recorded effect of Orgone energy, not even one! As such it would take a far braver man than I to argue with the huge supporting evidence of thousand's of man-hours and the work from hundreds of qualified individuals from all over the world. So, as my own humble experiments agree with the majority, I have said, and will repeat many times, the cell runs or more correctly, accumulates Orgone energy.

Theoretical requirements

Sometimes I have to restate the obvious, namely, if we are to accumulate Orgone energy, we must have an Orgone accumulator! We are not designing this cell to use Neutrino's, Deuterium, Nitro-glycerine, steam, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Hydroxy, or any other author's pet opinion to the contrary. You will have to read other publications for those topics and cell designs, this train goes to Orgone country. We are designing our cell to run on Orgone energy! When I say " we ", I am assuming that the reader is following suit, and will build a cell closely matching these instructions. As such, a close study of the chapters on Orgone properties and cell polarities would be in order. If you were a naughty boy and skipped over these sections, I would suggest that you read them now. So what have you discovered? You should be in agreement with me on at least two points, ie. that the cell should use as many of one type of Orgone polarity materials and properties as possible, and additionally, we want to utilise as many as possible of all external forces available to us to assist us in the accumulation of the Orgone energy.

Are we on the right track with our Joe cell accumulator? What would we aim for in the design of a perfect energy accumulator ? Is there any better way to go? Maybe we are on the wrong track? At this stage it may be a good idea to consider the design parameters for the ultimate energy source. After all, why waste our time with the Joe cell if there is a " better " way of getting our energy. Better meaning, cheaper, parts effective, less polluting, less destructive, longer lasting, etc. If we look at the quote from Viktor Schauberger at the start of this chapter, "... natural, silent, simple and cheap..." is a very good starting point. Let me give you a brief list of the requirements of this magic accumulator and see if we are on the right track with the Joe cell:

* The Joe cell is natural as it operates on the life force ( Orgone ). It is the only natural man-made energy producing device that does a direct interchange from a primary energy source to the final energy supply. As such it seems to provide " free energy " and thus be an impossibility. This is a huge stumbling block for people who do not understand the concept of " free energy ".

* The Joe cell is silent. There are no moving parts. A solar panel or Peltier effect device would be the closest highly inefficient relations.

* The Joe cell is simple. No moving parts, a set of cylinders and water, you could not get it any more simple.

* The Joe cell is cheap. After the initial outlay, there are no further material costs or replacements required to worn-out parts. The Joe cell is virtually everlasting. If you build one with second hand components, your total outlay should be under AUS $200.00

* When we use energy that is at its fundamental stage ie. the energy cannot be broken up into any other energy constituents that are at a smaller level; we have no waste by-products and thus no pollution. The Joe cell runs on the life force energy ( Orgone ) which is a fundamental force of the Universe. You are not going to get any more basic than that!

* Any centrifugal, expanding and exploding force is wasteful due to the creation of heat. Any device that generates heat as part of its operation can never be considered an efficient energy source.

Nor can it ever be an over unity device. The Joe cell runs cool and so does the motor that runs from it.

* Any energy produced from a set of conversion stages is wasteful. For example, a nuclear submarine has a nuclear reactor to create heat. The heat is used to create steam from water. The steam drives a steam turbine. The steam turbine is used to run an electric generator. The electric generator is used to drive an electric motor. The electric motor turns a propeller. The propeller twists in water thus providing a thrust. The thrust propels the submarine. You would have to be kidding! No wonder that superior beings roll on the floor with laughter on observing our " technology ". How unnatural is all that? The Joe cell converts the primary life force ( Orgone ) into an expanding multiple use force in one step. Beautifully simple!

* The Orgone does not have to be stored or converted and stored. It is an on-demand system and thus there is no infra-structure required to store, distribute, ship, sell, etc. Unlike petrol, it is the same price each week ( free ). Definitely not good news for the oil multi-national concerns. Maybe that is why we are not using this force? < grin>.

So to summarise, I would say that, ( to the best of my knowledge ) as there is no alternative energy device to compete with the Joe cell, we would be on the right track if we build a cell that ran on Orgone. Please note that the Joe cell and its construction has limitations and negatives as you have already read and will read in later chapters. As we do not live on a perfect world, we are not perfect humans and the Joe cell is not a perfect device.

Making a theoretical cell

By reading through the list of Orgone properties and selecting the ones that look useable, you should have selected these:

Property 14. As it has a preference for a vertical and constant upward alignment, we will have the outlet of our cell at the top most point of the final structure.

Property 6 As it can be manipulated, it means that we can build a container to house it. We will have cylindrical cylinders, concentric and with a vertical axis to fit in with Property 14.

Property 10. As it is absorbed in water, we are going to make a water cell. As we are dealing with water, the cell has to be water proof and non corrosive.

Property 20. As it can only be concentrated to a final amount, we know that sooner or later something will occur in the vertical plane and with our outlet located at the top of this vertical axis, ie. Property 14, something will come out.

Property 9A As it moves in alignment with a magnetic field, we know that if we place one of our potential's at the bottom of our " conductor ", and the other potential at the top of our " conductor " a magnetic field will result and the Orgone field will move in the same direction. As our conductors are the metal cylinders, they now must have a concentric vertical alignment to fit in with Property 14. As we are dealing with magnetic fields, our cell material should not interfere with the chosen field that assists the Orgone to follow in a vertical alignment. Also, as we are dealing with water, electrolytes and magnetism, the cell material suitable for the simple cell should be stainless steel with a low as possible magnetic residual. Just on the side, our " conductor " is a complex combination of water, stainless steel cylinders and ion flow. Nevertheless, it will create a directional magnetic field

Property 9B. As it move at right angle to an electrical field, our concentric vertical cylinders prove a perfect match, ie. the electric current flow is from the inner most cylinder, to the outer most cylinder in horizontal lines. As the Orgone flows at right angles to this field, the end result is again a vertical alignment of Orgone. Good stuff!

Now, from the table of Orgone polarities, we can get a few more " helper's " to coax the Orgone force to work for us;

The electrolysis will be very interesting to it, and as Joe said, connecting the power to the cell when the engine is running is like switching the turbocharger on full boost, man you are off! Like wise the friction from the reciprocating parts in the engine will get it to go in and have a peek and then, " got you! ", we can use it! The sound and vibration are additional bonuses when the car is running.

Capacitor effect

For the electronically versed readers, let me explain to you one way that the cell acts as a concentric energy accumulator. It is a well known fact that the charge of a capacitor is proportional to the surface area of the plates. Similarly, we know that the potential increases as we bring the plates closer together. Now look at the beauty of the Joe cell. We have a set of concentric plates with an obvious reduction of surface area as we move towards the middle of the cell, ie. as the cylinder gets smaller in diameter, the surface area reduces proportionally. Now, as the surface area of the cylinders decrease towards the middle, we automatically have the charge increasing as we move towards the center! Therefore, the greater the number of cylinders, the greater or more intense is this charge build up. So, thrown in at no extra design cost is an automatic magnifier for the Orgone force that is concentrated automatically at the center of the cell. The above applies only if the water can act as an dielectric, ie. that it does not have too many ions in the water. Thank you Nature! By the way, on a larger scale, the earth is the middle of the accumulator and the different atmospheric layers are the cylinders that concentrate the sun radiations.

End result

We now have a theoretical cell. It is made from a plurality of concentric stainless steel cylinders in water, with an application of a suitable electric and magnetic field, and a top-located outlet on a vertical aligned cell.

So, the above is the layout and the logic in the construction of a theoretical cell. Now, dear Joe did not do any of the science, did not know any of the scientists, did not read any related books and did not know what Orgone was, but by a stroke of sheer luck and intuition, he made his final cell in the above configuration, and the rest is history! Yes, dear friend, our theoretical cell is exactly how you should make you practical working cell. This will be explained in the next chapter.


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