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Chapter 4


" It was especially forbidden to divulge the law of attraction and repulsion,

which constitutes nature's greatest secret. "

Mrs. Bloomfield-Moore, circa 1893.

As Orgone is polarised, either positive or negative, it can be manifested sometimes as both polarities for a short period of time. In our search for the perfect Joe cell, it is essential to utilise polarity-conducive materials in the construction of the cell. With the use of suspect materials that encourages the creation or retention of both polarities, the cell is not only a poor breeder ,but also leaky. I would strongly encourage the experimenter to choose to construct either a negative or positive cell and not to use materials at random or what happens to be handy or cheap. This is a sure way to failure.

Positive ( Warm ) Negative ( Cool )

Root fibres of plants Tips of plant leaves

Negative electricity Positive electricity

Iron Selenium

Copper Sulphur

Tin Iodine

Lead Palladium

Brass Cobalt

German silver Phosphorus

Alkalies Acids

Alkaloids Charcoal

Argentinium silver Evaporation

Mercury Steaming

The base, ( non pointy end ), of crystals Tip of crystals

Friction Sound

Magnetic South Magnetic North

Left hand Right hand

Left side of body Right side of body

Back of neck Forehead

Running water Distillation

Bismuth Vibration

Zinc Tellurium

Osmium Decomposition

Titanium Oxides

Potassium Haccoid salts

Calcined lime Chemical reaction

Caffeine Vinegar

Paraffin Alcohol

Creosote Mouth and tongue

Moon Sun

Planets Stars

Red end of sun's spectrum Blue end of sun's spectrum

As seen from the above short list, chemical reaction, electrolysis, evaporation, steaming, vibration, sound and chemicals are the most common goings on in the cell and in the motor. To rephrase, since the natural events in our cells habitat favour these actions, I would suggest that the experimenter builds a cell that utilises as many of these parameters as possible, until he gains the knowledge of the causes of the cell behaviour. I personally only build acid cells. I have a dislike of the corrosion associated with alkaline cells and also find that the water remains crystal clear and the insulators do not fail in my acid cells.


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