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Chapter 3


" Matter is latent force, and force free matter "

The mystic school.

At no stage do I even remotely hint that the following terms are identical. The purpose of the list is to show the many names given to unexplainable forces of which Orgone is one.

Akasa. Hindus. Animal magnetism. Mesmer.

Arealoha. Francis Nixon. Astral light. Kabbalists.

Baraka. Sufis. Bio-cosmic energy. Dr. Oscar Brunler.

Biodynamic Ether. Rudolf Steiner. Biofield. Yu. V. Tszyan.

Bioplasma. Russians. Biotronic. Czechs.

Brahma. Hindus. Ch'i. Chinese.

Chronal field. A. I. Veinik. Cosmic energy.

Cosmo-electric energy George Starr. D-field. A. A. Deev.

Dige. Apache. Digin. Navaho.

Dynamis. Ancient Greeks. Eckankar.

El. Hebrews. Elan-vital. Henri Bergson.

Electrogravitation. T. T. Brown. Elima. Nkundu.

Eloptic energy. T. Galen Hieronymus. Eloptic radiation. Hieronymus.

Entelechy. Dreisch. Ether. Aristotle.

Ethertricity. Gaston Burridge. Fermi Energy.

Fluroplasmic energy. B. Hilton. G-field. Sir Oliver Lodge.

Gravity field energy. H. A. Nieper. Hike. Egyptians.

Hullo. Chickasaw. Ka. Egyptians.

Kerei. Indonesians. Kirlian effect.

Latent neutral. Keely. Life Force. Dr. Aubrey T. Westlake.

Logoital plasma. Hieronymus. Magnetic Fluid. Mesmer.

Manitou. Algonquian. Manna of the Polynesians.

Manna. Israelites. Maxpe. Crow.

Mitogenetic emanation. A. G. Gurvich. Mon-emanation. I. M. Shakhparnov.

Multipolar energy. V. V. Lensky. Mumia. Paracelsus.

Mungo. African. N-emanation. M. R. Blondolt.

Negative entropic energy. James DeMayo. Nervous Ether. Richardson.

Nervous Ether. Richardson. Neutral force. Kabbala.

Neutricity. Gallimore. Neutrino sea. P. A. A. Dirac.

Numen. Romans. Odic Force. Baron Karl Von Reichenbach.

Orenda. Iroquoi. Orgone Energy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Pneuma. Gallien. Prana. Hindus.

Psychotronic energy. Czechs. Pure non manifest energy. Todd R. Knudtso

Reiki. Japanese. Scalar energy.

Space energy. Spiritus. Fludd.

Tachyon energy. Telesma. Hermes Trismegistus.

Time emanation. N. A. Kozyrev. Tinh. Annamites of Vietnam.

Tondi. Sumatra. Universal life force. Baron Eugene Ferson.

Virtue. Jesus. Vis medicatrix. Hippocretes.

Vvis naturalis. Vital Fluid. Alchemists.

Vril. Wakan. Sioux.

Wakonda. Omaha. X-agent. H. Moriyama.

X-Force. L. E. Eeman. Z-emanation. A. L. Chizhevsky.


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What is the Joe cell
Some Properties of orgone
Some names for the life force
Orgone Polarity
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Water types and relations to cells
Charging the water cell
Connectioning to motors
When Things go wrong
Miscellaneous Thoughts
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Brotherhood of Man
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