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The power wheel of Calvin Bahlmann
Photographs of the Edwin Gray motor
Fuel vapourizor Part one of this series
Part two of this series
Alan L Francoeur Vapor Fuel Management System Photos

Alan L Francoeur full details on his fuel vaporizer system
A 1961 Electrostatic generator patent
Mag gen generating the future
some conversion tables and values you may find useful
Apparent reproduction of Wesley Gary device magnetic neutral zone rocker

An apparent succesful reproduction of the Edwin Gray Power circuitwith complete details
Te Adams Active Thermo Electric High Voltage Pulsed DC Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance Electric Motor
Pod2 winding details as described in previous article
Gravity Nullified Quartz Crystals Charged by High Frequency Currents Lose Their Weight
simple unique Crystal set Radio you can build with superior results
An Australian experimenters attempt at producing a high voltage spike and an adjustable high voltage power supply
The Freedom Reclamation Project convert your engine to burn hydrogen and oxygen from water on demand
The Free Energy circuit for the serious researcher
Electrohydrodynamic alternative power generator

Electro kinetic flying saucer disks
Ufo flight propagation
A small simple Van de graaf machine
A simple high voltage on motor powered from your TV screen
Homebrew high voltage Polystyrene cup capacitors
Homebrew high voltage plastic cup capacitors
make your own orgone cloudbuster
A catalyst alloy that produces seemingly unlimted hydrogen for fuelling your car.
A novel saline water desalinator
Splitting the positive battery experiment
Jean Louis Biefeld-Brown Effects lifting triangles experiments
Australian Beare technology vastly superior 6 stroke head working prototype design for four stroke motors
The Synchroton radiation generator
Exhaust gas recovery system
Fuel vapourizer
Additonal fuel vapourizer drawings

Stanley Meyer in the 1990's developed an electric cell which will split ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen with far less energy than that required by a normal electrolytic cell.
This inventor is now dead but following links at this energy21 website cover some of his work

Stanley Meyer electrical generator US Patent:4,613,304
Stan Meyer Hydrogen gas burner US Patent: 4,421,474
Stan Meyer System for the controlled intermixing of a volatile hydrogen gas with oxygen
Stanley Meyer eye witness report
Method for the production of a fuel gas US Patent: 4,936,961
Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell
System for flame start-up/shut-down for a hydrogen gas mixture burner
Controlled process for the production of thermal energy from gases and apparatus
Stan Meyer Gas generator voltage control circuit US Patent: 4,798,661

The wood gas producer science and construction for powering a engine
Wood gas producers
Poly Solar Hot Water For $100
A homemade water pumping wind savonius turbine
Build your own Vandegraf electrostatic generator
A possible new Joecell design Mark 5
A gallery collection of photographs of devices from our websites
High frequency - electrolysis of water
The Jackson Hydrogen Generator
Edwin Gray's Energy System by Bruce A. Perreault
Build your own Science Fair type electrolysis hydrogen oxygen gas producer energy project
Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy-Replenishing from the Active Vacuum
The MEG v2.0 The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project built by JL Naudin
The MEG The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator Project gateway
The Joe Cell free energy cell book now on line by Alex Schiffer

check out the webmasters original article on the swiss ml
Some interesting comments and ideas on the Free energy machine Swiss ML or Testatika Thestica Distakica
Capacitors made using water
The index and information page for the Testatika series of pages
Electrets vs Dielectric Absorbers
Eguchi Electrets
Horseshoe Magnets and the Testatika
The electron field generator
The electron cascade effect
Some free electric notes
The Principle Experiments
Testatika demonstration 1999 report
Methernitha Testatika News
Testatika Machine ML converter pictures
A transcript from the Testakica video
electro kinetic flying saucer disks

ufo flight propagation

UFO Physics - The Short Bibliography
Lorentz Force on Electrolytic flows - taken from Handbook of Magnetic Phenomena
Non Uniform Electric Fields Physics of UFO gravity manipulation by resonating magnetic fields, and electrogravitic propulsion
The Graham Snook hydrogen/oxygen generator

My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas part six of this article Warning please read this first
My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 1
My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 2
My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 3
My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 4
My Experiments with hydrogen/oxygen gas generation using the joe cell and solar power part 5
The Interference Disc electric generator by Alan L Francoeur
General description and drawing diagrams of the Interference Disc electric generator
Photographs of the Interference Disc electric generator
Renew Backyard biodiesel
Renew Going bush with renewables the bio fuel cooker
Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin
Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin
Vortex technology applicable to biosolids
The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor/Generator by Hal LaFonte Research
The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor/Generator Theory of operation
The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor Project test results
The Magnetic Equilibrium Motor Project prototype photographs
Theory and diagrams of Magnetic Instability by Stewart A. Harris
How to make your own Thermopile
Operation of a bennet high voltage doubler
Bedini Science Fair Winning Motor and design
Calloway High efficiency collector motor and design circuits
The Coral Castle of Edward Leedskalnin
Edward Leedskalnin's book MAGNETIC CURRENT Part 1
Edward Leedskalnin's book part 1 as rewritten by S.D. Krepelka
Edward Leedskalnin's book MAGNETIC CURRENT Part 2
Edward Leedskalnin's book MAGNETIC CURRENT Part 3
Astronomical, Mathematical, Medical and Quantum Mechanics found in the pryamids
The Homopolar phenomenon
A primer on the Homopolar phenomenon
Can the Kirlian be used to visualize a scalar wave
Advanced Technologies Report by Gary C. Vesperman
Kronzen free energy machine
The bottle of hair shampoo with an electric shock
John Bedinis Motor Diagrams and lab notes
John Bedinis Energy machine picture
A marine motor powered idea from sea pressure and gravity
The Hamel and Searl Electrification Process
Mini Hamel Flying disk details and construction drawing
Mini Hamel Flying disk photos from the above page
My experiments with the Joe cell by Geoff Egel
The matrix as applied to Alfred Hubbards energy generator by G.D.Mutch
Ionically assisted Fuel cell
Radiant Energy Fuel Cell Plate Forming for Electrochemical cells
The Joe Cell
The Bedini's Hamel Magnetic gate
The Bedini's Free energy generator
Schaubergers inventions
The swiss ml machine
Robert Green's unusual windmill
free downloads
The Secret of the Ages Reveled! How the Great Pyramid was Built
The world free energy project
The Coanda Effect" is a fascinating, powerful phenomenon
Water Powered Motors
The Tesla switch
Pharaohs Concrete
The world free energy project
Bedini's Ideas Motors
Experiments with Kromrey and Brandt Tesla converter
The Pogue Carburetor
Welcome to the Mirror HIMAC Internet Information Site
Your Car can run on water using this device without pollution
The high voltage safety handbook
High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook
High Voltage Experimenters handbook in zip format
high voltage handbook download
The hydro boost device you can build yourself
Saving a Light Bulb Idea
Make your old electric motor energy efficient
Situ solar cell construction process
Positive Crankcases Ventilation Jar
Water Fuel Vaporizer
4 feet tall tornado generator
Radiant Power From Diffuse Light
Electricity and magnetism occur everywhere in nature.
The Power wheel and other rotating disc machines
The gas operated pump
An Easy to Build and Operate Induction Generator
Running your diesel engine on vegetable oil
The wimshurst electrostatic generator
Free zipped download of encyclopedia of free energy volume 1
The encyclopedia of free energy on cd
Single Pole Robert Adams type magnetic pole motor
More on the Adams generator
Outer surface of the vacuum thrust aircraft
Atmospheric Potential gradient motor
Biblio of Building a UFO flying saucer sources
Construction of a solar box cooker
Electricity out of thin air part 1
Electricity out of thin air part 2
Some more electro science experiments to perform
Gravity by density principle
The Lester Hendershot generator
The Humphey gas operated pump
making a hydrogen fuel generator
Ion electrical generator
Tesla high frequency generator
New theory of planetary orbit
radio active battery part 1
radio active battery part 2
radio active battery part 3
radio active battery part 4
radio active battery part 5
rotary mechanical heating device
rotaring capacitor electrical energy generator
saltpond for heat storage and power generator
windmill power generator
using the sun for all your solar hot water needs
comments on free energy swiss ml machine
A possible answer to how free energy machines testatika and Edwin Grays work

Some additional information on the construction Edwin Gray's conversion tubes
How Edwin V Grays Conversion tube worked US patent filed 1986
Searl and other ufo ideas
Vacuum schematics of a vertical thrust aircraft
Vacuum Thrust flying index link
Vortex heating and cooling using air pressure
Using water in your capacitors
What is a Vertical thrust aircraft
structural flying saucer ufo shape and design

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