Atmospheric motor

Atmospheric Motor

Atmospheric Potential Gradient Motor A simple motor using electrostatic energy gathered from the air or from a electrostatic machine. The device consists of one split armature of two semi circular metal disks mounted on a smaller insulated disk mounted to a common axle. On the arm supports are bolted four metal face plates one to left ,one to right in the front and two in the rear of the rotor. The face plates cover the entire disk surface with a gap through the centre where they are not joined and where the axle comes through. The Face plates on the left hand are connected to an aerial as long as possible to gather sufficient static electricity. A small piece of wire is soldered to the face plate and the other end makes contact with the rotor plate. The right hand side is similar except it is connected to good earth. How it works The unit works by the aerial gathering a static charge from the air and transferring it to the left face plates and then to the rotor face. As both metals now have the same charge a repelling effect takes place and the other side of the rotor with an opposite charge is attracted to this position. As soon as the rotor face come into contact with the solder wire it acquires the same charge and the process is repeated. A high aerial or good electrostatic machine is a must along with a good earth. The unit is built from Plastic and aluminium. The axle supports should not be tight as to prevent the rotation of the axle. The measurement and construction details are under construction.

 Construction Diagram

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