An Appeal for your contribution/interest.

By Bruce McBurney

Do you want clean air, more money in your pocket and a chance to kick the greedy fools responsible for destroying this planet in the ass.

Hi, I will give it to you straight: I am a 40 year old electrical and motor mechanic repairman, handy handyman who heard enough stories of a vapor carburetor idea systems that give fantastic mileage increases and cut pollution. About 10 years ago I started experimenting with gasoline and carburetors. I had acquired a book that exposed several inventions and explained the idea was to boil the gasoline and change air gas ratios. In my experimenting and research I came up with a different explanation chemistry and answers as to why these different inventions worked so well and then disappeared.

This technology I want to make available to all to clear up the myths and lies. Knowing that only through mass knowledge will proper development ever occur. This will only come to our market when our governments take a stand on this as a war for our planet.

This idea with all the information and testimony and reports of 12 books all claiming these fantastic mileage improvements is in the file -HiMilRep and is available to any via modem. As yet some photo copy info is not on disc and you may obtain later as I see how to get this all on line.

Now If You Know about pistons going up and down in an engine you can probably understand this secret idea that the Oil companies paid millions for. All I ask is if you think I am Right and You would like to help. Please send $10.00 to Himac Research and that you do something to help spread this idea around copy read it and pass it let it circle the globe that all know that we may all benefit.

This idea has sat on a shelf too long, just think how nice it would be going 5 times further on a gallon of gasoline with practically no pollution. This is the answer not hydrogen or electric, they could not supply enough electricity to recharge them overnight if only a third of our cars were hydrogen or electric.

My system will work better with fuel injected cars but will not be built in the back yard. It is very complicated but very possible and exactly what we need, But only will be available if enough of you all help to speak up. Read My Report and then hopefully you will understand. If you like, please send me your opinions/contributions by

email author J Bruce McBurney.

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