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Single Pole Generator

North Pole Generator Having a permanent magnet for the armature is relatively new idea and means no slip rings or commuter is needed to take the current and voltage off as in the case of using it as a generator To make a permanent magnet armature motor with one south and one north pole would mean a way would needed to be found to reverse the current and voltage flow to the field coils so that it could match the speed of the rotor at start up and in turn repel and attract the poles of the permanent magnet armature.

Maybe a Hall field effect device to sense the magnetic pole type could be used to control the switching if you really wanted to go this way. Taking the centre armature permanent magnet idea one step further however and relying only on the magnetic repulsion effect, the following simply would only be needed to be done. You will need four strong bar magnets and place them at ninty degrees to one another, all with the same poles facing outwards

With any permanent magnet design it is important the spacing between magnets is equal. Mount the four laminated bar and stator winding fields with the same winding configuration pattern facing the same direction and with one end facing outwards. The stator fields could also be mounted top down or bottom up instead of the flat position as displayed, as long as the electromagnet pole faces are the same direction in relation to the permanent magnet armature.

The permanent magnets are mounted sandwich like, in the case of the flat bar fields as illustrated in design, between two non magnetic materials with a shaft mounted in the centre. Other ways would need to be done for other positions. To use as a generator spin the sandwich wheel by some means and pulsating power will be produced in the field winding subject to pole facing, rotor speed and magnetic strength and field windings. To use as a motor, a cross arm conductor mounted in the rotor centre and making contact intermittently with a fixed conductor to pulse power, this means really just opening and closing a current flow as no current reversal is required, as we are only interested in producing a repelling magnetic effect when magnet and field coils are in alignment with each other. Please keep in mind All the air gaps between poles and stator pole face should be kept to the closet spacing you can get.

The stators should be made of steel laminate pieces. The coils should be wound with the best insulated wire you can get. With this design you are not limited to four permanent magnets and field coils but you could use more or less, as long as field coils and magnets matched each other and the conductor arm can supply the correct pulse sequence. You may like to check out a variation of this design by New Zealander Robert Adams who has made something like this but uses it as a combination motor and generator at the same time.

With Power being returned to batteries running unit. He has a manual available Giving design details and performance data achieved so far Many claim to have built this creation and got it to work satisfactory using this information.

A copy can be obtained from Nexus Magazine Australia for about $40 Australia Plus Postage overseas buyers may care to check first for the cost to them. The address is in the information section of this magnetic book.

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