From: John Herring

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2003 00:33:11

Subject: elsa, page 1

elsa tour plan`s for 2,003

Starting April 15 2,003 elsa The Gravanator will be leaving Oregon for a journey around the U.S.A. and Canada.

The main stop will on 5/10/2,003 at the White House, in Washington D.C.

I will be bringing a demonstration model of elsa on this tour for all to see at the following 12 locations; See tour map.

Local new`s media will be invited to a demonstration to be held at a local school or town hall in all 12 locations as seen on elsa tour map

My beautiful arm full "Carol" my Wife and I will also be having a dutch dinner with one local and up to 7 guest at a local restaurant located at all 12 stops on elsa`s tour map. I have put together 12 Binders of elsa drawing`s on e-bay for sale as historical document`s, 1 for each stop on this elsa tour. The buyer of this valuable collector`s edition will be notified of dinner date in your area with this world famous inventor. See map for dates in your numbered area 1 through 12

The reason for this offer is to help defray the cost of this 5 month tour around the country, expected to cost in excess of 7,000.oo U.S. At the end of this tour I will be putting together a book of inventions and My personal dealings with the U.S. government documented over a life time by the new`s media and personal experience`s Documented, A real live terror story right here in the good old U.S.A. You would never beleive it if not for the fact it is well documented by the New`s Media from local papers to international TV media, including CNN.

I am ! an American !!

Here is some personal information !

Do not write, e-mail or call me to criticize my spelling writing or speech, I am damn lucky to be here, I have a true guarding angel and I know this angle personally. It has to do with elsa and other inventions of mine as you will see on this web site. I have been speared from death nothing less than a dozen times, The latest my open heart surgery I had on 01/03/2,003 was minor comparison to the many in the pass, all the way back to my first near death exp. at the age of 4 when I drowned and was brought back.

another of my most recent was in October 1996, When I suffered a serious head injury that I was not supposed to recover from and never will recover totally from it. Hey, check my grammar. The fact is if it were not for elsa and the computer I would not be typing this today, or doing much of anything at all. I will always suffer from "Post concussion syndrome" But not a major problem any more. Thank`s to the computer and elsa. and PLEASE do not feel sorry for me ! I have had a great life !

OH !, and one last thing ! I discoverd somthing else a long, long time ago, that I have never shared with anyone That I am going to share with you today ! Here it is; I discoverd a 9th color, here in the U.S.A. I named this 9th color "Useless" and it cover`s many color`s. For example.

White, People

Black, People

Brown, People

Red, People

Yellow, People

Olive, People

They all add up to the 9th color

Useless, Political Leaders

Wtitten By, John D. Herring Sr. 01/30/2,oo3